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Stay At Home Mum Working From Home- May 2018 Earnings

I am a stay at home mum, and I also fortunately have a job where I can work from home. I like using Get Paid To Sites as a side hussle for extra income.

The reason why I like survey sites so much is because I can easily fit it in around the kids and work, and it is a great source of extra income. I manage on average an extra £300 a month and only spend 1.5 to 2 hours a day (across the whole day not in one sitting) actively across all of the different sites I use.

This month I managed £303.62. Below I have detailed how I managed to accomplish this.

Survey Sites:

InstaGC is my favourite get paid to site, as it is so incredibly easy. This month I managed £25 amazon gift voucher and $113 Paypal(£84.77) so a total of £109.77. I typically spend an hour a day throughout the course of the day on this site. I look out for instant surveys on Trial Pay Tap, and really easy one question surveys on Your Surveys. I also leave videos running, for some passive earnings. Click here to sign up.

Swagbucks is my next favourite survey site. This month I have received £60, and have another £30 pending so £90 total earnings for the month. I like the instant surveys available, and occasionally get some high paying surveys. I mostly just set video apps running throughout the day though for easy passive earnings. I spend on average 30 mins in total on this site actively throughout the whole day. Click here to sign up.


Prolific is another favourite of mine as their studies are different to the other survey sites, and you never get screened out from them. This month I made £23.02 from Prolific. I use the Prolific Assistant Extension for Chrome to alert me when studies are available, which saves me having to constantly check and refresh the page. It is hard to say how long I spend on this site as it all depends on what surveys are available, but most surveys average at about 7 mins each and I usually manage one or two surveys a day. You can sign up here.

Branded Surveys I only made £8.72 from this month, I only spend 10 minutes on the site in the evening though. I need to put more effort into this survey site next month The things I like most are the daily polls, and poll streak bonuses which build up to some really easy points. They also offer 5 to 6 points every time you disqualify from a survey, but they even offer much higher dq points for some surveys too. You can sign up here.

Earnably this site is still new to me, and I haven’t put much effort into it at all, only really running videos for passive earnings, and the occasional YourSurveys survey. I still managed to cash out £5 though. I am going to put more effort into this site next month though, as their payout for offers is higher than other sites, and they regularly have promo codes running to increase earnings. You can sign up here.


Focus Groups:

I was selected to join a couple of panels through surveys I completed on other sites. These are always worth looking out for and trying to take part in as they can increase your earnings, and some even offer a very high payout incentive for taking part. I managed a $10(£7.50) payment from the Hasbro Family Hotspot Panel. Another £4.55 from the Beauty Lounge panel. I was also selected to take part in a video interview to do with cloth diapers which lasted 45 minutes and paid out £40 virtual MasterCard.


Apps- Slow Earners(10 mins spent throughout the whole day):

I also use a few apps that don’t earn me massive amounts, but it all adds up and they are very quick and easy to use. This month I cashed out

Vypr£5. I check the app randomly throughout the day to see if there are any steers available to complete. It only takes a couple of minutes so no effort at all, and the questions are always nice and easy.

Curious Cat£5.06 another good one for short and easy surveys, I usually forget about it though but did manage two easy surveys this month.

Shoppix£5 This is one of the receipt apps I use. I just log in every evening complete any quick surveys that are there, and then upload receipts of any purchases for the day, it takes about 5 minutes. You can find out more about Shoppix here


So as you can see Get Paid To Sites is a great little side hussle for extra income, and for very little effort. I have provided links to sign up to all of the sites if you are not already on them. As my referral I do benefit from you signing up with my link, but can provide you with the support you need to make sure you get the most out of the sites.

Also make sure to visit our Facebook Group full of other like minded users also available to offer tips and advice.


  • Lisa Honey

    This is so helpful – thank you for all your help & tips

  • Holly

    Hello, I was just wondering if the earning potential can be higher if you put more hours into it?

    • Jennifer

      Yes of course, I know people who make £600 a month. The more time you put in the more you can earn, because I work and have 3 children I only really put in 1.5 to 2 hours a day, and this suites me. If you have more time though, you can earn a lot more.


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