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Swagbucks Quick Tip – Answer All The Profile Questions

Surveys are renowned for disqualifying you, especially when you are new to a site. This is because they have to build up a profile about you, and then after a while you are more likely to get sent surveys that pertain to you and you disqualify less.

With Swagbucks, one way of doing this is by answering the profile questions. These can be found when you are on the Gold Surveys page, and on the right hand side. 

On mobile, they can also be found on the Answer page, but underneath the list of surveys.

It can feel long and tedious but it is worth taking the time to answer them in the long run. You will also receive 2SB for every 10 questions you answer.

They update them regularly so make sure that you keep checking to see if there are any questions that need answering.

This won’t stop you from disqualifying from surveys, this happens all the time to everyone, but should hopefully reduce the amount of disqualifies you get. Normally disqualifies happen early on, and you get 1SB to 20SB for disqualifying.

If you are managing to complete surveys, but get disqualified right at the very end, this can be incredibly frustrating. Have a read here to find out how you can submit a ticket and hopefully receive the SB you worked so hard for.

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