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The Swagbucks / MSE double Swagbucks bonus is in!

Good morning everyone! Hopefully lots of you are waking up to see that the double SB bonus from the MSE offer in April have been added to your accounts. 

How many did you get? Was it what you were expecting?

If you don’t have the points and you think you should, click here to see what you can do.

msedoublesbIf you don’t have the points and don’t know if you should have them, these are bonus SB from a Money Saving Expert offer which ran from 4/4/18 – 13/4/18.  Everyone who clicked through to Swagbucks from the special offer page on MSE was to be awarded double SB on certain activities completed on Swagbucks UK. 

If you were not a member of Swagbucks then, you would not be due the points.  If you didn’t click to activate the offer link, you are also not due the points.  

There is a little confusion as to what was and wasn’t included in the offer and therefore it’s hard to know if the awarded amounts are accurate.  From our points of view, we’re happy with the bonus SB we received and life is too short to be combing through all our activity from that week to see if every point adds up. 

You may feel differently, especially if the difference is quite large, in which case, if your totals don’t tally up, I would suggest following these steps to claim any missing SB that you feel you may be due.

We hope this helps and have a wonderful day!


Missed out on this offer because you’re not a Swagbucks member? Some members gained an extra £20-30 in swagbucks! Click on the image below to join us now so you don’t miss out next time!


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