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Announcing the GPT Genies Shop!

We often get asked which products we recommend for use when earning on GPT sites.  Things like what phones are good for running videos, what laptops are good for surveys, and so on.

With this in mind, we have collated a few ideas for the savvy GPT site user, from spare phones to tablets to laptop coolers and beyond.

We’ve added a page to put all of these in one place for you – The GPT Genies Shop.

You’ll notice that the shop only contains Amazon links – there are two reasons for this:

  1. Lots of GPT site users have Amazon vouchers stashed away, so buying from Amazon is easy and doesn’t mean laying out ‘real’ cash
  2. Our links are attached to a GPT Genies Amazon Affiliate account – this means that for everything you buy through one of our links, or by going to the Amazon front page through this link then buying something, we will get a percentage of the value of your purchase. (It’s not huge, between 1% and 5% usually).

That percentage will add up in our Amazon account, and allow us to offer higher value Amazon vouchers and prizes for our kind of monthly Facebook Group Competitions. It means we don’t have to rely on GPT sites to sponsor them, the Admin don’t have to put their hands in their pockets for prizes, and you have more chance of us offering up something you WANT to win, rather than missing out on a  comp for a month because it’s a prize related to a site you don’t want.

So if you’re not using Kidstart or any other cashback site for Amazon, please consider using the GPT Genies Amazon link next time you buy something from Amazon with your vouchers!

Questions about the Shop and how it’s going to fund the competitions? Pop over to the Facebook group and ask away, or comment below.

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One comment

  • Ruth

    I bought the £11.99 TeckNet laptop cooler via your link, and it’s just arrived. My laptop’s running noticeably faster already! Thank you!


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