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BeMyEye – a UK mystery shopping app – an overview

If you enjoy getting out and about, exploring new and old places, and making money for doing it, then Mystery Shopping may be for you. One of a few mystery shopping apps and sites that I use, BeMyEye is a great way to earn a little extra cash while shopping in places you probably usually shop anyway.

What is BeMyEye?

BeMyEye is a mystery shopping app, available on Android and ios – you can download it here.

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping usually involves going into a store and shopping, or a restaurant and eating, as if you were a ‘normal’ shopper. Occasionally it could mean asking the shop assistant / waiter some pre prepared questions, and / or taking photographs. Usually you need to upload photographs and pictures of your receipt (if you needed to buy anything) to the app or site that you signed up for the job on.

Do I have to buy anything?

Sometimes a purchase is necessary, but not all the time. You will be informed of this in the instructions for the job and can choose whether or not to take on the task. In most cases part or all of the money you have to pay for an item is refunded via the mystery shopping app or site.

Is it always shops and restaurants?

Not always. BeMyEye often has tasks that aren’t shop and restaurant focused. For example, I have been paid for taking photos of billboards outside supermarkets and garages, phots of shop window displays, job ads and more. The higher paid jobs tend to be shops and restaurants though.

How many jobs can I do a week?

While there is no limit on the number of jobs you can do through BeMyEye, the frequency of jobs will depend very much on where you live. I live in a rural area of Northamptonshire, so don’t get as many jobs as, say, someone who lives in Central London.

In addition the jobs in my area are filled very quickly, or may be a task I don’t want to do, so I don’t take every assignment I am offered.

When I first signed up there were no jobs in my area, but I still checked in regularly and now I am offered at least one new mission a week.

How much can I earn?

Again, this depends. Some easy tasks on BeMyEye pay £1.50 each, while more complex tasks may pay up to £10 and more. 

How do I get mystery shopping offers from BeMyEye?

Once you have downloaded the app and filled in your profile, make sure you set the distance you are prepared to travel, so that you only get offers that you can feasibly do. Then, when you open the app, your front page will show offers that are available to you.


How do I find out more about the job?

Clicking on the job takes you to a map showing where the store is, and clicking on MIssion Instructions gives you an overview of the job.

Other tabs tell you more about the job in detail; different jobs will have different instructions so be sure to read carefully.

How do I register for a job?

Simply click on the Reserve or Start button. You will be given a timescale to do the job within, so do not accept the job if you can’t do it on time.

You will be asked to read some quick terms and conditions, then the job is yours! Go to the place in question, check in and then follow the instructions to complete the mission. Submit all the details at the end and you’re done.

When do I get paid?

Your mission has to be reviewed and accepted, and then your fee will appear in your account balance.

When can I cashout?

You can cashout at £5 to a PayPal account, or over £20 via bank transfer. Bank payments take 3-4 working days. PayPal payments are usually processed within 24 hours.

Do I need to know anything else?

Yes. Every mission you complete gives you XP (experience points) and depending on your XP level, you get extra perks, from extra time to complete missions, to seeing missions earlier than others and more. If you accept a job and then cancel it, then you lose XP, so only accept jobs you are sure you can do.

If you’ve not tried mystery shopping before but want to give it a go, BeMyEye is a great introduction and easy to use. If you’re a seasoned mystery shopper, it’s a great app to add to your collection.

BeMyEye also have a Facebook group you can join for help and support with the app and mystery shopping in general.

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