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Big changes herald good news for Grabpoints users!

This is a guest post by Ruth, one of our Facebook Group members, pop on over to the group to thank her and ask any question.

Grabpoints_changes _FeatGrabPoints is a survey site similar to Swagbucks and InstaGC where you can complete surveys and offers and watch videos for points which you then trade in for gift cards or Paypal payment. If you are not already on it, now is the perfect opportunity to sign up because they have recently announced a couple of big improvements to their points and rewards systems, and are now claiming to be the highest paying site for surveys and offers GUARANTEED 

What’s changed?

According to their newsletter, GrabPoints have increased the payouts on all their offer walls, surveys and videos.

Some of these changes include Your Surveys rewards have been doubled from 470 points to 940, GlobalTestMarket surveys have doubled from 600 points to 1200 points, and EngageMeTV/Smores have increased from 5 to 7 points.


Point matching

Not only have points rewards been increased, but GrabPoints claim that if you find the same offer for a higher payout elsewhere, they will beat it.


Where To Start

GrabPoints has a simple layout, so it doesn’t take long to find your way around the site. You can access the most popular survey routers, video pages and offer walls from the landing page, or use the links on the left to navigate. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the ticker on the right hand side to see what is crediting for other members.


In addition to all of this, the cost of rewards has decreased! Whereas previously a £5 Amazon gift card cost 7700 points; it is now only 6800 points. This means that not only are you earning more points for doing the same tasks as before, but they’re also worth more when you come to cash out. All rewards have decreased.


Click here to see a handy table that will show you how many points you’ll need compared to other sites.

Not on Grabpoints?

The improvements are live now, so if you fancy giving GrabPoints a try, perhaps as part of Nikki’s July Challenge, now is the perfect time to sign up using Ruth’s referral link. Join in the discussion in our Facebook Group and let us know what you think of these changes.


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