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Earnably Paypal cashouts now incur fees – but it’s not all bad news!

If you’re a member of UK based GPT site Earnably, you may have noticed a change in the amount of points you need to cashout to Paypal.


Until 26th July, it was 705 points to receive £5 to your Paypal account.

Recently, Earnably have added a 2% Paypal fee to all Paypal cashouts.

This means that it now costs 720 points for £5 to Paypal, which pretty much puts them in line with other sites.

You can read about the changes here.

However, it does seem that there have been a few other changes, as some rewards from Earnably have DROPPED in value, making them fewer points than they were.

Here’s a comparison of old vs new prices for Paypal cashouts:

£1 – WAS 180 points – NOW 170 points

£2 – WAS 320 points – NOW 315 points

£5 – WAS 705 points – NOW 720 points

£10 – WAS 1410 points – NOW 1440 points

£25 – WAS 3515 points – NOW 3570 points

£50 – WAS 7020 points – NOW 7110 points

£100 – WAS 14010 points – NOW 14190 points

So while it’s still the best value to cashout at £5 or above, if you usually cashout at £1 or £2, you’re going to be better off.

Swings and roundabouts folks!

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