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Happy #InternationalFriendshipDay! Not all friends live right next door…

It’s #InternationalFriendshipDay today, and all around the world people are celebrating their friendships.

Friendship could mean that friend you’ve had since childhood, or someone you met on the maternity ward. It could be your mum, your dad, your daughter or your son. It might (if you’re really lucky) be your partner, wife or husband.

But I want to talk about a different type of friendship.

I have two friends I’ve never met. Never even spoken to on the phone. Yet I know what’s going on in their lives most days and they know what’s happening in mine.

They’ve supported me when things have been tough for me, and I hope I’ve done the same for them.

They’ve bailed me out emotionally and timewise when I had nothing to give.

They’ve encouraged me, cheered for me, been sad for me and been happy for me. 

Yet after a year of knowing them and them becoming the first people I tell my ideas, my frustrations, my wins and my losses to, I still haven’t met or spoken to them.

We speak every day (pretty much) on Facebook. Constantly. Into the early hours of the morning.

We run a Facebook group together that wouldn’t be what it is without them.

We started this very website together, and continue to run it together.

Without these two people, my life would be very different.


So thank you Hannah and Jen – you make me smile when I’m sure I can’t, make me laugh every single day and if you weren’t around then my life would be a duller place.

That’s what I call friendship.

(Oh and like a true friend, I’m sure I’ve embarrassed them completely and they’ll never let me forget this!)

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