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Keep Rewarding – quick and easy points with Reward Video

I’ve been testing out Keep Rewarding as part of the #JulyChallenge in our GPT Genies Facebook group. Those of you that know me know that i like things simple, quick, easy and preferably passive. I’m not a fan of long surveys for few points, and I don’t like faff.

Which is why I avoided the Rewards Video tab on Keep Rewarding for a good couple of weeks – all that clicking seemed just a little too much like hard work to me.

But, in the interest of research, I decided to give it a go – and I was pleasantly surprised.

Read on to find out where to find it, how it works and how it compares to activities on other sites.

Where do I find Reward Video?

Once you have logged in to Keep Rewarding, click on the Earn Points option, and Reward Video is towards the bottom of your options:


How do I earn on Reward Video?

Simply click on the ‘Watch the video!’ button and a pop up will launch.

It could be a video to watch, an article to read or a website to visit. While I was screengrabbing for this blog post, there were quie a few article type ones:

Simply click on the action button (in this case ‘Read Article’) and 1 of 2 things will happen:

  • if it’s a video to watch, the video will play in the pop up window
  • if it’s a website to view or an article to read, the article will launch in a new tab

Article to read has launched in new tab

Once the article has launched, come back to the pop up you were on before, just leave the article to load.

If it’s a video, watch the video until you see the following:


Simply close down that pop up with the X in the corner to claim your points, then start all over again!


How much will I earn?

Currently Reward Video is giving 0.75 points per view, although a few days ago it was 1 point per view, so this could change at any time.

How does this compare with other ways to earn?

Because I’m all about time vs money and not wasting my time on active things to earn fewer points than I could elsewhere, I tested this out.

To get 10 credits (7.5 points at the moment) took me about 60 seconds on a laptop.

I decided to compare this to some other offers I found on various sites (I focused on things that needed attention and clicks, not passive elements):

This 20 minute survey on Swagbucks would pay 60SB, or 60 cents, about 45p.

20 minutes on Reward Video could give roughly 150 points, $1.50, about £1.15*


2.5 minutes on the basic (before 300 points) level of Minute Staff (on InstaGC) gave me just over 3.5 points, or 3.5 cents, about 2.7p.

2.5 minutes on Reward Video could give me roughly 18.75 cents, about 14.5p*

This 6 minute survey on Adwall/InstaGC pays 9.66 points, or 9.66 cents, about 7.5p

6 minutes on Reward Video could give me 45 points, or 45 cents, about 35p*


*PLEASE NOTE: All figures are based on current exchange rates, cashout value of 500 points = $5 and there being enough tasks available on Reward Video.

So is it worth it?

On a brief look, yes I think it is. Just clicking is something you can do in front of the TV or while doing other things. You’re not going to get disqualified halfway through, or timed out because you forgot to go back to it.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re not going to make millions from it, but as a quick and easy way to get a few points when you have a little time it’s worth giving it a go for a few minutes.

Of course, there are always going to be higher paying surveys and offers on any of the GPT sites you use, the examples I have used are some of the smaller paying options, but this is certainly worth adding to your routine as another little step towards that cashout.

Not on Keep Rewarding? Join me here.

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