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More points and higher DQ points for Peanut Labs surveys from Keep Rewarding

I’ve been playing around with Keep Rewarding this month as part of our Facebook Group #JulyChallenge to find a new site to add to my GPT routine. It’s been a bit of a slog but I’m starting to get the hang of it now, and this news today made me like it even more.

Like many GPT sites, Keep Rewarding has a number of ‘walls’ for you to earn from, and like most, Peanut Labs is one of them.

In great news they’ve announced that not only will they be offering more points for Peanut Labs surveys, but they will now be offering 2 points per disqualification until 20th July, which as far as I know is currently the highest of any of the sites offering Peanut Labs surveys.

With the usual passive earning streams such as EngagemeTV and VideoLoyalty, and the added bonus of RadioLoyalty (no longer supported 🙁 ), Tap Research and Peanut Labs alongside quite a few survey routers, I can see Keep Rewarding becoming a permanent part of my GPT routine.

Cashout levels are pretty similar to many other sites, with £1 Paypal or Amazon being 160 points and £5 Paypal or Amazon being 725 points. Cashout from £1, but it can take a few days to receive it.

You can join Keep Rewarding here – come and tell us in the Facebook group how you’re getting on with our #JulyChallenge

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