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Newbie’s Guide to PrizeRebel


A site we haven’t spoken about much yet is PrizeRebel.  Like many other GPT sites, you can earn money by completing surveys, offers, tasks, and watching videos.


However, as with all sites, it has a different layout, different rules, the bonuses work differently, etc., and for some this can be very confusing.  It might even put you off using the site altogether, but that’s where we, your GPT Genies come in with yet another newbies guide.

1 – Things you should know

  • Users must be 18 or above, or 16 to 18 with parental permission (Terms, section 2:a).
  • You are only allowed to have one account per household.  This means you can’t refer anyone who lives with you (Terms, section 2:c).
  • You are not allowed to refer family (Terms, section 2:n).
  • If you are inactive for 6 months your account may be closed (Terms, section 2:m).
  • PrizeRebel is based in California so it resets at 8am GMT/BST.

2 – Ways to Earn

You can access the different earning options in a couple of ways.  First you can go to the home page (click on the PR logo) where you will be able to see the different survey routers, other ways to earn, and recommended surveys and offers.

Alternatively, you can hover over Earn in the top toolbar and click on the different options.

PrizeRebel_earnEarn shows the options available to all users but these are not all available to us in the UK.

In the UK, we can access: 

  • Surveys
  • Offers walls
  • Video Wall
  • EngageMe
  • Tasks


Before starting with surveys make sure to fill out your profile questions. This will help you to be matched with higher paying surveys, and you can earn 10 points. You can find the Profile Questionnaire by attempting to complete a survey for the first time.


Once you have filled in your questionnaire you will be sent surveys directly from Prize Rebel which can be found under the Surveys tab under Earn. These are often higher paying than the surveys through the survey routers so it is worth checking here first.



One of the best things about PrizeRebel is the great selections of survey routers.  Most of the options above go to a survey routing company.  This means that if you get disqualified from a survey the survey router will usually redirect you to another survey that you can try to complete.  Sometimes, the router will run out of surveys that you are eligible for but you’ll often be able to complete one.

Things you should know about the surveys:

  • Your Surveys pays 77 points at the time of writing.  This is higher than any other site I’ve seen so far and has no time limits so you can do as many as there are available without having to wait in between. 
  • Gold Surveys has:
    • a Cint router,
    • a few different surveys that are offered to you based on your demographics,
    • Two Opinion Sample routers,
    • LiveSample router 
    • Global Test Market router
    • Give Us Your 2 Cents router 
    • Opinion Surveys router.
  • Samplicious router pays 105 points.
  • Tap Research – usually slightly higher point values than other places, but no points for disqualifying.
  • Peanut Labs – These are usually a fair bit lower in points than other sites. 


The two video walls available to the UK are EngageMe and Video Loyalty.  PrizeRebel pays 0.55 points per 3 ads so far less than most other sites.  You can see a full comparison here.



PrizeRebel has the usual selection of offer walls.


Tasks refer to Figure 8. On Figure 8 you will find a collection of tasks that pay a set amount per completion. 

The Figure 8 wall can be found on several different sites.  From the quick look I’ve taken at the different sites that offer it, InstaGC seems to pay the highest so you may be better off doing tasks there rather than on PrizeRebel.

3 – Levels and Bonuses


Account levels are statuses that you reach as you earn points. With each level you earn certain extra benefits.

To reach each level, you must earn the specific required number of points for each level as listed in the image below. This does not count points earned for previous levels. Only points earned from any activities listed under the earn menu and referrals will count towards levels so not from bonuses, promo codes etc.

Once you reach Gold Level or above, your cash outs will be automatically processed if the item is in stock. PrizeRebel_Levels


Daily Challenges

Each day you get a Daily Challenge which will give you bonus points if you complete it.  The amount of points you need to earn varies.

When you have completed a Challenge, you must click on the medal to collect your bonus points.  If you are eligible, you will then start the next level challenge and have a chance to earn more bonus points.

Monthly Special Bonus

If you are gold level or above you earn a special bonus on all your survey and offer earnings each month.

Promo Codes

Every so often PrizeRebel releases promo codes. These codes are usually worth 5 points and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, or in their email newsletters.

The social media codes tend to be valid for up to a day.  The newsletter codes are usually valid for a bit longer.

You can redeem promo codes in the side bar or in the menu bar where the ticket icon shows.


PrizeRebel has a fairly decent referral programme.  You can earn 20-30% of your referrals earnings depending on your account level.

4 – Account and Settings

PrizeRebel_accountIf you hover over your name, in the menu bar, you can see a few options.

  • Account info – This takes you to your account settings.  You can find your MemberID here (useful for social media competitions) and update your information.
  • Rewards History – See all the rewards you’ve cashed out
  • Earnings History – You can also access this by clicking on your points total.  It shows a record of everything you’ve earned.  It does not show referral earnings.
  • Winnings – If you choose to participate in the sweepstakes or games you can see winnings info here.
  • Referral Stats – You can see a list of how many people you’ve referred, what dates you referred them, and how many points you’ve earned from referrals.

5 – Rewards

PrizeRebel_rewardsPrizeRebel has a decent selection of rewards that you can cash out for.

Cash outs start at a minimum of £2 for an Amazon gift card or $5 for PayPal.  All PayPal cash outs are in dollars but the gift cards are in GBP.  They have a decent exchange rate for gift cards and once you’re a Gold member or above you get discounts on all cash outs.

They claim that cash outs take around 24 hours but I had some take a little longer.  Once you reach Gold level, most cash outs will be completed within 5 minutes if the item is in stock.  Custom PayPal amounts still seem to take longer.


Good luck and let me know what you found helpful or what your best tips are in the comments!



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    I was wondering, for the tap surveys, do you get the same survey questions/qualification questions on every survey that you click?


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    How to cash out the points made by doing Tasks(Available jobs) from Prizerebel


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