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All those Swagbucks cuts this year – and here’s another one

I used to love Swagbucks, I really did – and I still think it’s a great way to earn. But I can’t deny that it’s getting more and more difficult to earn as much as before while spending the same amount of time on the site.

2018 has seen them bring in more and more cuts in the ways in which we can earn.


  • Increased the daily goals
  • Decreased the daily goal bonuses (they used to be 10% now they’re often less)
  • Made it more difficult to get search wins, and also reduced the average amount of SB on those search wins
  • Reduced the amount of SB you can get from the video apps from 70sb (Android) to 34sb a day
  • Reduced ToolbarTV from around 20sb a day to 4 or 5sb a day
  • Reduced Extravaganza amounts from around 40sb to 35sb
  • Reduced the daily to do list bonus, despite telling us they were increasing
  • Removed the 1sb from the Daily Deal
  • Made it so that we can only redeem the Swagcode from the Swagbutton or the mobile app
  • Made it difficult to earn anything from Swago unless you have both a mobile and a computer
  • Reduced iSpy from around 20sb to 16sb

And here comes yet another cut:

Another one?

Yes another one.

As of now, the previously weekly iSpy will now only be held on the last Tuesday of the month.

So instead of being able to collect 16sb every Tuesday, now we’ll only be able to earn 16sb once a month.

That’s a loss of around 48sb a month – I know it doesn’t sound like much but when you add up all the small ways that sb are being taken away, it soon adds up.

It means that to earn the same, we have to work harder and spend more time on the site.

Well that sucks!

It does, but it’s not all doom and gloom, honestly. There are still some great ways to earn on the site and it IS still possible to hit goal every day and earn bonuses.

But, still being honest, I find myself spending less time there and more time on InstaGC, Earnably and Branded Surveys and as such my earnings there have gone up dramatically.

What have you done to make up the Swagbucks shortfall? Come and tell us in the Facebook Group.

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