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GPT moneymaking app Panel App – a quick FAQ

If you’re looking for a quick and big earner, this isn’t it, but if slow and steady with no effort is just your style and you’re happy with only cashing out every few weeks, then Panel App could be for you!

It’s easy and practically passive whilst taking up very little room on your phone.

What is Panel App?

Panel App is an Android or iOS app that gives you points for checking in on the app every day. In addition you will occasionally get mini surveys, usually based on your GPS location, for extra points.

Where can I get Panel App?

You can get it on Android here

You can get it for iOS here

What do I have to do?

Once you sign up, and give some basic information, you simply need to open the app every day to gain points. Seriously, that’s it!

OK, occasionally you may have a survey, usually based upon where you’ve been, but they’re really quick and easy:

Just click on ‘Begin survey’ and you’ll be asked a few questions based upon your location:

That’s really it! Each survey has around 3-4 questions max so this app can really be done in under a minute a day. That’s about as passive as it gets!

But even better, Panel App does claim that you can earn points without even opening the app! I’ve never managed to get this to work but it’s worth a try. You can read more about it here. 

So how do the points work?

Panel App say that you can accrue points in 3 different ways:

  1. Up to 33 points a day simply by having the app on your phone and connected to wifi with GPS location on (I get these points by opening the app every day)
  2. By answering their surveys – again up to 33 points a day.
  3. By referring people – you get 10% of the points that your referrals earn. See later on for the referral scheme and how it works.

So potentially 66 points a day. Plus any referral points.


How do I cashout on Panel App?

Once you have accrued enough points, you can cashout for either Sweepstakes or Amazon/Mastercard vouchers (called ‘guaranteed vouchers’). Of course we recommend the guaranteed vouchers!

Simply click on the REDEEM button under your points total.

At the time of writing guaranteed vouchers were:

£1 Amazon – 1230 points

£2 Amazon – 2460 points

£5 Amazon – 6140 points

£5 Mastercard – 6140 points

You will be asked to confirm your email address the first time you cash out – after that you will receive an email confirming your cashout and telling you it could be 2 working weeks before you get your voucher.

In my experience, it does take the full 2-3 weeks so be prepared to wait.

As there is only 10 points benefit in waiting until you have enough points for a £5 voucher, unless you really want Mastercard, I’d cashout at every £1.

How much can I earn on Panel App?

It depends on whether you get the full quota of 66 points a day, and on the amount of referrals you manage to get, is the only answer I can give you.

Based on 33 points a day, it would take just over a month (37 days) to get £1. 

Based on 66 points a day that time would be halved, obviously so you would be getting your £1 every 18 days or so.

That makes it worth either around £10 or £20 a year respectively.

Of course, adding in referrals would make the cashout time shorter.

As i said in the beginning, you’re not going to become a millionaire from it but it takes up less room than the games you play on your phone and for most of those you make NO money – so to me it’s worth it.

Is there a referral scheme?

There is, but I’ll be honest and say I haven’t managed to get it to work properly for me.

I managed to get to level 4 of the referral scheme somehow but haven’t been able to progress beyond that. Others I know have had more luck. The reason for this is that most people invite people individually while I post in groups and on blogs, I don’t know.

Either way you get 10% of your referrals’ earnings so it could be a good points bonus and mean you cashing out a lot more often!


How can I contact Panel App?

You can contact them on Twitter

Or via their website

Or on Facebook

Or via the app itself:


I have another question you haven’t answered!

Sorry about that, why not come and ask in our Facebook group where over 9,000 members use sites and apps such as Panel App?

Remind me again, how do I get Panel App?

You can get it on Android here

You can get it for iOS here

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