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Swagbucks ‘To-do list’ updated

I really wish I could share good news with you about Swagbucks. It was the first site most of us started with and I know a lot of you still love it.

But it’s more bad news for mobile users, I’m afraid.

As of today it seems that as Ncraves isn’t working for a lot of people, it’s been replaced in the To-Do list with a Swagbutton point.

As a mobile user, this means you won’t be able to complete the To-Do list, although if you have a laptop you will by installing the Swagbutton.

The good news is, the point is added automatically if you’re a laptop/computer user, so you don’t need to do anything.

But it does seem to be another swipe at the mobile only users, so a lot of people won’t be happy.

Just another day in the declining points of Swagbucks, folks!



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