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September 30 Day Earning Challenge

September can be a depressing month. The summer holidays are over, tans are already beginning to fade, bank balances are empty and the kids have eaten you out of house and home.

It also means the countdown to Christmas has begun, so we are kicking off September with a 30 Day Earning Challenge.

Time to get the kids back to school, get back into routine and hopefully with our September Challenge get your butt into gear and start building those Christmas Fund Pots.

How the 30 Day Earning Challenge works

Every day throughout the month of September we will have a mini goal for you to complete.

Make sure you have joined our Facebook Group, where we will be posting tips and advice on how to complete the daily goals every day.

You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram where we will also be posting tips and advice to help you with your 30 Day Earning Challenge.

There is also a bonus challenge where you have to try and complete all 30 challenges in just one day. If you manage to do this, make sure to let us know in the Facebook Group.

Best of luck, and let’s make September the best month for earnings so far this year!


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