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Changes are afoot at #BrandedSurveys!

It doesn’t seem that long ago since Branded Surveys was known as Mintvine, and one of our favourite GPT survey sites. Then things changed, and members of our Facebook group weren’t all that happy and deserted in droves.

We’d love to bring you some good news, but it seems that changes are afoot once again.

Members of Branded surveys logging on over the last couple of days will have seen on or two messages to alert them to these changes:

Daily Poll now worth 5 points to all tier levels

Previously members of Silver and Gold Elite would receive more points for the daily poll – it now appears that the daily poll is going to be worth 5 points to members of all levels.

No more Daily Poll streak

Previously completing 10 polls in a row would gain a bonus of up to 100 points, depending on which level tier you were in. Now it seems that the Poll streak is being removed. If you are in the middle of a streak you should get the chance to complete it, but after that it will be no more.

No more ongoing referral points

Previously you received a bonus for referring a new member (once they reached Silver elite) and 10% of their earnings going forward. Going forward, there will no longer be the 10% referral earnings.

Branded Surveys say that this is to ensure that both the referral and the referee are using the site, which in a way is a good thing as it stops all those Facebook groups and sites that just refer people to sites and never support them as they don’t use the site themselves, but it also penalises members that DO support their clients but may not have as much time to spend on Branded Surveys as they would like.

Branded Surveys do say that they are overhauling their referral scheme, so we shall wait with bated breath to see what the changes will bring.

There’s a lot of discussion and complaining going on over on the Branded Surveys support boards, and people don’t seem happy at all:

Come and tell us your thoughts in the GPT Genies Facebook Group – will you continue to use Branded Surveys or are you on the lookout for a replacement?

Tell Branded Surveys what you think – you can contact them on Twitter, Facebook or via their support forum.

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