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More ways to earn on InstaGC! ** Updated

** Update – InstaGC have now added YS Intl III and YS UK III so even more ways to earn! **

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed 2 new ways to earn on GPT survey site InstaGC.

Under the Recommended –> InstaGC wall, which is available to everyone, there are 4 new Your Survey (YS) options – YS Intl I and II and YS UK I and II.

This takes the total of YS surveys available to 6 – and at 70 points each that’s 420 a day if you just do all of them once.

BUT let’s not forget that YS (UK) is available to be completed every 30 minutes, so the sky really is the limit.

Each of the other YS options can be completed daily.

Have you managed to complete all 6 in one day? Come and let us know in the Facebook group!

Not on instaGC? I cash out well over £100 a month most months – come and join me now.

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