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Ramp up your InstaGC bonus task points with Kuiko Videos! ** Updated

** Update – please note that some things have changed since this post was written. Currently (23/10/2018) Kuiko videos no longer run for 11 cycles and have to be restarted after each 3 minute cycle. The value also seems to be changing from 0.11 to 0.06 points. This may or may not change in the future, we’ll keep you updated. **

One of the things I love about InstaGC is the 2 bonuses they give their members every week – the Videos bonus and the Task points bonus.

The task points bonus is available to claim every Sunday, and is calculated based on the amount of tasks you have done and the amount of points and referral points you have earned. Currently you can earn up to a 10% bonus, so it’s well worth trying to achieve the maximum task points each day until you reach the 10%.

In our Facebook group, it seems that many people struggle with the concept of the task points bonus. The simplified explanation is that the more things you ‘do’ on InstaGC, the more task points you get.

You can see how many points you have earned so far here:

Clicking on the percentage will then show you how many points you have earned each day – this is mine for last week:

If you still don’t understand how the weekly bonus works, read this, but for today, let’s talk about a great and easy way to ramp up those task points and get maximum bonus – Kuiko Videos.

What is Kuiko Videos?

Kuiko Videos is a task available on the Go Daddy wall on InstaGC – it gives varying amount of points depending on how generous they are feeling, I’ve seen it got from 0.40 points per run down to 0.11 points per run, but every run gives you 2 task points for your bonus.

Where can I find Kuiko Video?

On the main Earn page of InstaGC, scroll down and click ‘Load more’:

Choose the Offer Daddy wall:

Filter by ‘Videos’:

Then choose Kuiko Videos:

What happens next?

The videos will open in a new window and a countdown timer will appear:

Kuiko videos will credit every 3 minutes. Note that it has to be in an active window or the countdown will stop. I’ve been running these on my phone or tablet while doing other things on my laptop. They also run on the little mini Vodafones that some of our group have bought as spare phones. I haven’t tested on Kindle Fire yet but there is no reason why they wouldn’t run on that too.

How do I know it’s crediting?

Once the 3 minute run is up you should see this:

And your activity will be updated:

In most cases the countdown will start at 3 minutes again and you can just leave it to run. REMEMBER it has to be in an active window or the countdown won’t count down.

Can I just leave it running all day while I do other things?

Yes and no. You CAN run it all day, and ramp up those bonus task points, but you will have to restart it every so often. Mine is currently running at 11 x 3 minutes before needing restarting. To restart the videos, do not click ‘back’. Go back to the Offer Daddy wall and start the process again. Clicking ‘back’ will just tell you the offer is unavailable. Going from the Offer Daddy wall will start the offer over and you can leave it for another half an hour.

How long will it take me to get my maximum bonus?

Currently maximum bonus task points are 200 per day (usually 100 when the Holiday offer isn’t on) – each cycle of 3 minutes gives 2 bonus points. That’s 40 points per hour, roughly. So if all you do is Kuiko videos, then it would take 5 hours.

Sounds like a lot? It’s fairly passive, just needing a click every half hour or so, and if you’re able to run it on a second device then you can be getting on with other things while doing it. It’s not as onerous as it sounds!

How do I know when it’s finished and I have to restart?

The countdown timer will disappear.

Is it worth it?

It’s easy to look at the amount of points it actually gives you (0.11 per 3 minutes at the mo) and think it’s not worth it. I get it, 5 hours for what isn’t a lot of actual points can seem like a waste of time. But the point of this blog isn’t to make lots of InstaGC points, it’s to get the bonus task points to the maximum. Spend your time doing other tasks and surveys to earn the points while this is running somewhere else.

I have another question you haven’t answered.

Pop along to the GPT genies Facebook group and ask away!

Hopefully this will help you to make the most of InstaGC and get those bonus points to maximum each and every week!

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