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Swagbucks minitip – Double SB on Revenue Universe!

Revenue Universe discover wall on Swagbucks is offering double points today. If surveys are your thing, there are some well paid ones available.
If you’re on a phone, you need to be viewing the desktop version of the site. Go to your phone browser and go to

Then click on the 3 dots top right and tick the box that says something like ‘view desktop version’ – this gives you the true desktop version of the site.

(See here for how to request desktop version of site on Android)

Then go to Discover –> Revenue Universe.
Click on the guy looking at his laptop and you should see surveys.
Arrange by SB value to see the highest paying ones (you might have to click twice on the payout link)
As well as surveys there are many other offers on the Revenue Universe wall, so well worth checking out.
Have you managed to complete a survey? Come and let us know in the Facebook group!
Not on Swagbucks? I made over £4000 from this and other sites in 2017 – join me now.

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