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Family Holiday To Disneyland Paid For By Survey Sites And Apps

I have just returned home from a family holiday to Disneyland Paris. The magic of Disney, combined with one of my favourite holidays (Halloween) made for a truly incredible trip. The most amazing thing about it though, was it was completely paid for by money I earned through survey sites and apps!

Say NO to credit cards and stay out of debt:

Don’t have any extra cash to put aside every month from your salary to go towards a holiday? I managed to pay off our holiday without having to touch the bank account or get us into debt by using a credit card. I make £300 a month on average from survey sites and apps.

Think you don’t have any spare time to earn extra money? I only spend 1 to 2 hours a day throughout the whole day and across all of the sites I use. Most of the sites I use can be completed on mobile phone and PC, so you can earn anywhere any time. Commute to work on train? Earn whilst you are commuting.  Earn money during your lunch break at work, whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, or even in front of the TV.


Start By Setting A Figure As Your Goal:

I started by looking for different deals with various travel companies, until I found the best offer. There are so many different companies out there, the way I go about doing it is by using comparison websites to see what deals are available, and then ringing round different operators, and playing them off one another to get the best possible price.

A lot of companies will allow you to pay a deposit, with final payment due 2/3 months before travel.  You can then budget and pay for it bit by bit every month. Another way of doing it is by putting money aside every month, and then when you have a reasonable figure, search for holidays that match your budget. Once you have this figure in mind, set it as your goal and work out roughly how much you need to make each month to reach this target.

I manage £300 a month on average from survey sites and apps, so I knew within 5 months(less if I put more effort in) I would have earned enough to pay for our Disney Holiday.




My Biggest Earners:

InstaGC is my biggest earner and has loads of great earning opportunities and is the site I will put most of my efforts into. It can be a bit slow to begin with, but once you have gotten your head around the site there are so many different ways to earn. Surveys are probably my biggest way of earning, and I will check randomly throughout the day to see what surveys are available on the various walls. I also run videos through engageme and the playlists  throughout the day, which is great for passive earnings, especially when I don’t have time to sit behind the computer.  If you haven’t already signed up, now is a perfect time to join as they have a holiday bonus going on where you can earn up to 10% of your earnings as a bonus which runs weekly. Click here to sign up.


Swagbucks has become slightly harder to earn from than when I first joined the site last year, but it is my second biggest earner and I still manage £80 to £120 a month from this site. There are 7 video apps(6 if you are on iphone) which you can leave running if you have a spare device and earn from, as well as surveys to complete, daily polls and games to play. They also offer different bonuses throughout the month providing you with several opportunities to increase your earnings even more.Click here to sign up.


Other Sites:

Prolific is another site I use and I manage to earn £20 a month on average from this site. I like this one as it is slightly different to other sites. You are only shown surveys which are relevant to you, so you never get disqualified. The surveys are higher paying than other sites, and in my opinion, more interesting. There are less surveys available than other sites though. I have an alert set that notifies me when a survey is available so I don’t have to keep checking the page. You can sign up here.


Branded Surveys used to be another favourite site of mine, and I could easily earn £20 a month just by spending 10 minutes on the site a day by completing the daily poll and attempting a couple of surveys. Recently they have made some changes to their site though, meaning it is slightly harder to earn from, but I am hoping they will be introducing some new things to the site, and have kept it in my list of good earners for the time being. You can read more about the changes here. You can sign up here.


With just those 4 sites alone, I should easily reach my target of £300 a month, but I also have a few slow burning apps I use just to increase my earnings even more.

Slow Earners:

Enlightly– a great little app to use. You can download it from the app store, or if you are an android user, or are on pc, you can access it by going to I earn about £15 a month from this app. Each question is worth 5p, sometimes you get screened out and some surveys are longer than others, but they are always nice and easy to complete.

CitizenMe– Only manage about £3 on average from this app, but it all adds up. The paid surveys are quick and easy to complete and they have lots of fun surveys on a regular basis too.

Curious Cat– I always forget about this app, so could probably earn a lot more, but usually manage £5 a month from it even with the little amount of time spent on it. The surveys are longer than the other apps mentioned above, and you can disqualify, but still worth it.

Vypr- is a nice easy app to use and can be downloaded from the app store or play store. Surveys are called steers and are worth 10 to 50 points, and usually ask you simple questions like which product do you prefer? Or would you buy this product? I only earn about £5 every other month from this app, but it is very easy to use, and easy to check on your phone when you have a spare minute.

So as you can see Get Paid To Sites is a great little side hustle for extra income, and for very little effort. I have provided links to sign up to all of the sites if you are not already on them. As my referral I do benefit from you signing up with my link, but can provide you with the support you need to make sure you get the most out of the sites.

Also make sure to visit our Facebook Group full of other like minded users also available to offer tips and advice.

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