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Fun Halloween Quiz Answers

Survey sites like Swagbucks, InstaGC, Earnably and Branded Surveys all have offer walls where you can complete offers through partner companies, including RadiumOne, Personaly, AdgateRewards and others. Quizzes are a popular way of getting some easy points on the survey sites,  but you need to be able to get 100% correct answers on the quizzes in order to receive points. Below you will find answers to one of the quizzes, to save you time and hassle.

The location of the quizzes can change, so please leave a comment stating which wall and for which site you completed the quiz on, and for how many points, as this will help other people find it quicker.

A  list of all Quiz Answers can be found here.


Fun Halloween QUIZ ANSWERS:

Q1: Enter

Q2: Pumpkin

Q3: The Scream

Q4: Monster

Q5: Home Alone

Q6: Treat

Q7: Full Moon

Q8: Lunacy

Q9: Stonehenge

Q10: A Ouija Board

Q11: Grim

Q12: A Voodoo Doll

Q13: Candy Corn

Q14: A When El Le

Q15: Fog

Q16: Pagan

Q17: A Jolly Roger

Q18: A couldron

Q19: Corn Syrup

Q20: Orlando Bloom

Q21: Arthur Conan Doyle

Q22: A Christmas Carol

Q23: HIV

Q24: Chimp

Q25: Funnybones

Q26: Egypt

Q27: Four

Q28: Mary Shelley

Q29: Gashadokura

Q30: Halloween Horror Puzzle

Q31: Expecto-patronum

Q32: The yeti

Q33: Dia de Muertos

Q34: Japan

Q35: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Q36: Mephistopheles

Q37: No

Q38: The Troubles

Q39: “I am the clown with the breakaway face”

Q40: Can increase weight




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