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How @BrandedSurveys just single handedly destroyed their GPT program

Remember the good old days when Branded Surveys was called Mintvine, people loved it and all was good with the world? I do, with a sense of fondness, tinged with sadness.

Remember when Mintvine were taken over by Branded Surveys and things looked a little less sunny? I do, with a sense of sadness, tinged with foreboding.

Remember when they took away a lot of member perks, including the poll streak, the referral scheme and the bonus DQ points? I do, with a sense of foreboding, tinged with resignation.

And yet I still championed the site, still hoped they could snatch victory from the jaws of defeat with their ‘new and improved changes’.

I was wrong.

If you’re one of the many people who stuck by Branded Surveys and waited for the changes to be announced, you will have received an email this week with the ‘new and improved changes’.

If you haven’t received the email, or haven’t read it yet, I’ll give you a clue – the changes ARE ‘new’ but they most definitely AREN’T ‘improved’ and here’s why:

What are the ‘new and improved’ Branded Surveys changes?

You’d think it would be easy to explain, wouldn’t you? That a company that constantly tells us how they are improving the user experience for us and have their members’ interests at heart would be able to communicate changes in a clear and concise manner?

You were wrong too 🙂

Let’s go through the email bit by bit and try and work out what’s going on:

Bonus Points for Consecutive Survey Completes

They say: “As you complete consecutive surveys, you earn for your survey completes.

  • Complete 12 surveys in 7 days and cash out 5% of your earnings as a Bronze, 10% as a Silver and 15% as a Gold badge.
  • Complete 20 surveys in 7 days and cash out 7% of your earnings as a Bronze, 12% as a Silver and 17% as a Gold badge.
  • Complete 30 surveys in 7 days and cash out 9% of your earnings as a Bronze, 14% as a Silver and 19% as a Gold badge.”

Now, I’m presuming this means that as a Gold member, if I complete 12 surveys in 7 days (I won’t) then I get a 15% bonus. But who knows? Because as it reads, I can cash out 15% of my earnings. What happens to the other 85%? 

I’m being obtuse, but I bet I’m not the only one that had to read it 2 or 3 times to work out what it meant.

So, if I complete a whopping 30 surveys in 7 days, I get a 19% bonus? With points for surveys dropping and surveys getting longer, it’s not likely they will even HAVE 30 surveys i’m willing to complete in 7 days, so there’s not a chance of me getting that bonus.

Requalify to Keep Your Badge Status

They say: “Remember to keep participating to maintain your badge status.

Note, badges are subject to change on the first of each month if there was minimal participation for the duration of the month.”

Wow. Just wow.

So they’re telling me I worked my ..err.. fingers off to reach Gold status so I could tell all our Facebook group members how fab it was, only to pull the rug from under me by telling me not only have my bonuses been cut, I might lose my Gold status if they continue offering me crappy surveys I’m not willing to spend my time on?

Way to lose some very loyal members, Branded Surveys.

Branded Elite Leaderboard

They say: “Our Leaderboard tracks the top 20, 50 and 70 performers and rewards you for your survey completes.

Daily Top 70 leaders = 100 points

Weekly Top 50 leaders = 200 points

Monthly Top 20 leaders = 300 points

Check your position on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Note, monthly payouts occur the first day of each month for the previous month’s leaderboard winners.”

Really, Branded Surveys? As by virtue of the fact the people that are at the top in the monthly leaderboard will also have been at the top in the other two, you’re not really doing most of us any favours, are you? 

Remain Active to Win Daily, Weekly & Monthly Prizes

They say: “Remember that for every survey you complete, you get submitted into daily, weekly and monthly random prize drawings. Win up to 100 extra points in a daily drawing, 500 points in the weekly drawing and 1,000 points for our monthly drawing.”

Oh, thanks for that – you want me to spend days at a time on your site to earn pennies, with the added ‘bonus’ that I COULD win a prize. Has anyone ever won these prizes? I’m admin on a group of over 9,000 GPT site participants, most of whom are also members of Branded Surveys and not once has anyone posted that they’ve won these elusive prizes, so I won’t hold my breath waiting for my prize points.

Anything else?

Yep, sorry, I know this is long.

No news of the referral scheme at all, the one thing that a lot of people were waiting to hear about. I referred quite literally HUNDREDS of new members to Branded Surveys – members who did surveys, took part and made them money. And yes, they made money for me too, for which I am very grateful.

But first Branded Surveys took away the 10% earnings on new referrals survey earnings, now they’ve taken away the bonus points you get for referring new members.

Where’s the incentive for me to refer people to Branded Surveys? I’ll give you (and them) a clue – there isn’t one. And so I won’t.

You’ll notice that nowhere in this post have I linked to them either with or without my referral link. And I won’t again until they become a site worthy of referring people to.

I’d rather people signed up with Swagbucks, InstaGC and Earnably than Branded Surveys – and people who remember me championing them back when they were Mintvine will know what a big deal that is.

In closing, I think Branded Surveys have shot themselves in the foot with these changes and members will leave the site in droves to find better earnings elsewhere. I’m not the happiest, but I make more money on InstaGC and Swagbucks anway so it’s not the biggest loss in the world to me, I’m just infuriated at how badly they’ve treated their members.

I would, however, like to thank them for giving me the option to say ‘BS stands for more than Branded Surveys’ and the hashtag #BrandedSurveysBullshit.

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