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How to get in touch with and contact… Swagbucks UK

Sometimes you are going to need to get in touch with and contact Swagbucks UK – here are the various ways you can get in touch::

Contact Swagbucks UK by email

Depending on your query, there are a number of ways to get in touch with Swagbucks UK via email:

  • If you are having an issue confirming your account, email address or your account has been deactivated –
  • If you have ticketed an issue but nothing is happening, try

Contact Swagbucks UK on Facebook

This is often the quickest way to get something done on Swagbucks – their UK Facebook page is here

The most effective way to get a response (although not always guaranteed) is to post a PUBLIC message on their Facebook page:

You will then be able to see your post by clicking on ‘Community’ (image is from a laptop but the same applies on a mobile or tablet).

Contact Swagbucks UK via Twitter

Swagbucks UK do not have a dedicated Twitter account but you can contact the US account on this Twitter account. They will probably tell you to go via the Facebook page though to be honest. 

Other ways to contact Swagbucks UK

If you haven’t already done so, and your issue is to do with not being credited for something, or errors in surveys etc, the best thing to do is to raise a ticket via their ticketing system.

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  • Craig Park

    Can you stop sending me emails of 70 free spins. The unsubscride button does not work.

    • GPTgenies

      Please email Swagbucks about this. We are not affiliated with them and cannot control what they do.


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