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Increase Earnings On InstaGC With The New TheoremReach Offer Wall

You may have noticed the new offer wall Theorem Reach available on InstaGC. If you haven’t seen it yet you can find it by going to Earn-Recommended.

It works very similarly to Tap Research and a great way of earning some extra points and increasing your earnings.

Click to get started and you will be presented with a variety of different surveys available, clearly showing how long each survey will take and how many points it is worth.


You will have to answer a couple of pre-qualifying questions first to make sure that the survey is suitable for you. If you qualify you can click to start the survey, or attempt another one.


Complete the survey to receive points. It worth attempting surveys, because even if you disqualify you get 1 point and you will still receive points towards your task points bonus. All of those disqualifies soon add up and is a nice and easy way of building your points total.


Not on InstaGC? I make £80 to £150 a month from this site alone, so definitely one I would recommend joining here.

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