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Missing Tap DQ points on InstaGC? Say “Hello” to SaySo Rewards

The eagle eyed among you will have noticed a new survey wall on InstaGC this morning – SaySo Rewards:

I’ve been playing around with this since last night, and while it’s not the perfect replacement for Tap (and I’m specifically talking about the DQ points received from Tap if you can’t complete a survey), it’s not too shabby.

Not on InstaGC? You’re missing out – join now by clicking the image below!


So what do I do?

In the first instance, click on the SaySo Rewards wall and you’ll see a list of surveys. This is the view on my laptop, on my tablet last night it was more like a list, so don’t panic if yours doesn’t look quite like this, the theory is the same.

Once you click on a survey one of 2 things will happen:

You’ll either be told that you don’t qualify – for this you get no DQ points, you simply don’t get to attempt to take the survey:

Or, you’ll be told you DO qualify and told how many points you could get from this survey:

Clicking on ‘Let’s go!’ will take you into the survey.

The surveys themselves are much the same as the ones we usually see from the survey walls – Samplicious, Sample Cube etc so there should be no surprises there.

So what happens next?

Well, again, one of two things will happen – you will either complete the survey and get the points as usual (I found the completion rate on these surveys to be way higher than the usual SaySo surveys and definitely higher than Tap Research), which is of course what we are all aiming for.

Or, you will be DQ at some point in the process and get a point of two for your troubles.

The usual DQ point amount seems to be 1:

But it seems that the further into the survey you get before being DQ, the more points you can get – that said, the most I have had this morning in my short test is 4:

*** Top Tip: before going on to complete lots of these, check that they are crediting in your activity – I had some issues last night with them not crediting. The solution seems to be to close down the main InstaGC page if it is open, leaving only the SaySo survey page open

Anything else?

The best thing about this wall is that the DQ points you earn go towards your task bonus points, which in turn helps you to increase your weekly bonus. So, if you’re missing those Tap DQ points, this, along with Theorem Reach, is a good (if not quite perfect as yet) replacement.

I’ll definitely be using it more over the next few days, and would love to hear your thoughts over in the Facebook Group!


Not on InstaGC? You’re missing out – join now by clicking the image below!



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