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Topping Up Your Amazon Account With A Digital MasterCard

Wanting to top up your Amazon account with a digital MasterCard here is how you do it. If you have not cashed out on Swagbucks skip to Step 2

Step One- Claiming your MasterCard

Go to the Rewards section on the Swagbucks site, and select MasterCard. At the time of writing this it is 1300SB for a £10 MasterCard, which works out the cheapest option in comparison to £10 Amazon gift card which costs 1400SB.

After a few days you should receive an email to claim your gift card. When clicking on the link you will be taken to your digital wallet. The token and your username will already be loaded if you already have an account. If it is your first time you will be instructed to register.

Once you have logged in (or registered) you will be presented with your card details. These will be stored in your wallet for you to use whenever you are ready.

Step Two- Topping up Amazon account with MasterCard

Login to your Amazon account and under the menu select Your Account and then Top Up Account.

Select Top Up Online and enter the amount you want to top up. You will need to add a new payment method, using your MasterCard details. Note, that you will incur a £1 authorisation fee for using the card, which will then get refunded back to your card, so make sure to top up £1 less than how much is on the MasterCard. For example, if you have a £10 MasterCard you only want to top up your Amazon account with £9. 

Once your MasterCard has been refunded the £1 you can top up your Amazon account £1 by selecting that card from the list of registered cards. Then you can save the money in your Amazon account or spend away!


  • Jennifer

    Great! Thank you for this post, I was considering the MasterCard but wasn’t sure how I could actually use it. Now I won’t be afraid to try it out!


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