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3 ‘mum’ Facebook groups that allow GPT referral links

Getting referrals is never easy, and lots of Facebook groups don’t allow referral links (if you’re not sure, read the rules of the group, the description and the pinned post).

If you’ve taken advantage of our Referral Page Offer, then you’re probably looking for places to post your link.

Here are 3 ‘Mum’ Facebook groups that are happy to accept referral links – as long as you abide by the rules of each group:

Mums & Dads looking for work from home UK – over 2000 members, lots of people looking for opportunities even though at first glance it looks like a spamfest. Posts aren’t moderated, so a good one to post an ad as well as respond to others looking for work.

– UK Mums looking for work from home – over 5000 members, again lots of opportunities to respond to people looking for work from home. Read the rules post before posting. Not moderated so definitely post a well crafted ad.

(Please note that it appears upon signing up to this group they state no Swagbucks etc. I have been a member for a long time and it didn’t say that when I joined up. It also mentions nothing about this in the pinmned post / rules. I post ads and responses regularly and get referrals from this group, so it’ up to you what you do. I have contact the group admin for clarification).

Mums looking for work from home UK – over 1600 members, and posts are moderated, but I’ve never had one refused yet. Definitely worth trawling through and responding to people looking for something new to do or  a new side hustle. 


However, I’d first advise reading OUR rules on posting (rule 2.1 in our Facebook group rules) before you post. Simply dropping a ref link won’t do you any good at all. We’ve proven time and time again that telling people about a site, how much you earn from it and what you can do on it is better than just ‘here’s my link, please join’

In your post, try to include:

  • A brief explanation of the tasks you do to make your money
  • Roughly how much you make
  • The fact that there are no set up fees or ongoing costs
  • An invitation to PM you

Here’s a message that I write either as a new post or as a response to someone asking for an opportunity – adapt it and use it yourself, just not word for word please or you make us both look like spammers.

Sick of seeing the same old ‘opportunities’ that involve selling and recruiting?
Why not try something different?
 I make between £300 and £500 a month working from home doing surveys, testing websites, products, running videos etc – I could make more if I put more time in but I have a limited attention span so don’t spend more than about an hour a day and take a week off per month. PM me if you want to know more, or look at some of the sites I use – **link to referral page**
I made over £4000 in 2017 and over £5600 in 2018 –  Not a full time income, but it’s not a full time job 🙂
No selling, no set up fee, no recruiting, no ongoing fees. Read the link above and then PM me if you have any questions

I’d also recommend that you advise that people also PM you for the address of a group (this one) that will help them make the most of it.

Pro tip – don’t JUST post an ad, go through each group and reply to people who are looking for opportunities – they’re being spammed with Scentsy, Avon, FL and more – yours could be the response that stands out

That way you have them on Messenger so that you can help and support them. The most profitable referrals are those you have contact with and that are in our support group.

Have you had success with any of the groups above? Come and tell us in the Facebook group!

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