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A new routine for 2019- making money from survey sites

Please note – this is an old blog post. Swagbucks no longer offer the video apps, so any earning opportunities mentioned using video apps below are no longer viable. Please visit the GPT Genies Facebook group for any questions or updates on video apps.



Get Paid To sites are great to use to earn an extra income every month. I make £300 to £500 a month from all the sites I use, putting in just 1 to 2 hours a day across all of the sites.

Having a good routine is essential to being successful on survey sites. A routine will encourage good habits, allowing you to exploit sites to their full potential and increase your earnings. Everyone’s routine will be different so find what works for you, below is my routine as an example.

While the kettle boils…

As soon as I wake up I start running videos and apps, which allows for a nice passive income. I have a spare cheap mobile phone which I use to run the Swagbucks video apps. There are 7 video apps available on android(6 if you are on iPhone) which you can read more about here.

Swagbucks doesn’t reset until 8am so if I haven’t finished running the video apps the day before then I will finish them off, otherwise I start them running at 8am. I just leave the device sat in the kitchen and check on it every time I walk through the room, and as soon as I see one app isn’t crediting any more then I start the next app running.

Also, I start running the Mobile Playlist which is available on InstaGC under Earn-Watch Videos. I have a Kindle Fire that I use to run this on. I check the app every half an hour(if I am at home, otherwise start it before going out and check it when I get home), and restart the videos if the playlist has ended.

If you don’t have a spare mobile phone or tablet then I highly recommend getting one or even two, as it will allow you to run more things at the same time increasing your earnings. Check out our shop to see which ones we recommend.  If you only have one spare device, I recommend running the Swagbucks apps first as you will get through the apps quicker than the playlist on InstaGC. You can get 34SB(sometimes more if there are bonus rounds) and these will count towards your daily goal helping you reach your monthly bonus. Not only is it quicker to start with the Swagbucks apps, but also the amount of points you will receive from the InstaGC playlist is less.

Videos running, coffee in hand, it’s time to switch to the laptop…

Google Chrome is my preferred browser, but if things are not working or crediting, I do switch it round and try other browsers.

In one Window I will go onto InstaGC and start the Desktop Playlist running, which can be found under Earn-Watch Videos. Like with the mobile, I leave this running in the background and check it every half hour (when at home) and restart the playlist if necessary.

I open another window and again go to InstaGC site, and on the main wall go to hideout tv and start one of the channels running, I check it every 30 minutes(if at home) to make sure that it is crediting and hasn’t paused. If I am not receiving credits then I will try another channel.

I open another window and this is the Window I will leave on top and use to check for things like surveys and offers. I will open a tab for each of the main sites I use; Prolific, InstaGC, and Swagbucks and then a tab for Facebook so I can quickly check the Facebook Group.

Starting With Swagbucks…

I start with Swagbucks as this is one of my biggest earners(£50 to £120 a month). I will do the easy things in the to do list clicking on all of the links directly from the list starting with Daily Poll and working my way down. To tick off Discover, I will go to the Offer Toro wall, click on one click and complete one of the flight searches.  It takes me about 10 minutes to complete all of this and all I have left is to earn from survey attempt and complete a survey. I check the surveys tab and will attempt a survey if it says it is less than 10 minutes long.

Time For Surveys…

I am not the biggest survey fan. That said, they can be the best earners, and it is through surveys that you can find other things like product tests and focus groups. I am a mum to three kids, so only attempt surveys when I have time, like if the kids are engaged with another activity, or when they are in bed of an evening.

I used to put all of my attention into Swagbucks making sure I reached my daily goal, but found I caused myself a lot of stress doing this and could have spent my time elsewhere on another site actually earning than wasting my time trying to reach my daily goal. So after attempting a couple I switch to another site.

InstaGC is my biggest earner(£80 to £150 a month), and the site I put most of my efforts into. I start by looking for surveys on Adwall. The surveys here are usually YS surveys, so I will only attempt the ones that are more than 70 points, if not then you are better off attempting a YS survey under the main InstaGC offer wall.

I have a quick look under Earn-Surveys to see if there are any nice and easy surveys available to attempt.  Note, this section is only available to people who have earned 500points on InstaGC. If you are new to the site, you can read here for some tips to help you earn that first 500 points.

The ticker is great as it shows what is crediting for other people, so I keep an eye on this and attempt things from the ticker. I also use the chat(available after 500 points) as people will regularly mention quick and easy surveys they have managed to complete.

I then move onto Branded Surveys, whilst I don’t use this site as much as I used to, I still complete the daily poll every day for a nice and easy 5 points. I also have a quick go through the surveys and will attempt any that are worth over 100 points.

Prize Rebel is next. This site is new to me, having only joined in January, but I do find it quite easy to earn from and have been managing to make £20 a month. The only things I really do on this site is check the main survey wall which can be found under Earn-Surveys. I also attempt YS surveys on this site as they are the same as on other sites, but worth more points. You can read more about Prize Rebel and the various ways to earn from the site here.

Prolific is a great site which I manage to earn £20 on average a month from. The studies are different to other survey sites, and you don’t get disqualified, but there are fewer available, so you have to be quick. I always have a tab open so I can quickly check it to see if there are any studies available. I also have the Prolific Assistant chrome extension which usually alerts me when a survey is available.


Other Ways of Earning…

Evenings are best for me when it comes to completing surveys, as the kids are in bed so I have more time, if there are no quick and easy surveys available.

During the day I check Vypr, Enlightly, and CitizenMe. Whilst these apps are not massive earners, the surveys(when available) on these apps are really quick and easy to complete. As well as checking the site, the Facebook Group has threads for each which people usually post on when a survey is available, so if I don’t have time to check(or forget) the thread will alert me.

All of the sites have offer walls that you can complete things like games, quizzes or enter competitions for points. The Facebook Group has a thread dedicated to these offers, so it is always worth checking if there is anything nice and easy to complete.

It is also worth looking out for market research studies (again the Facebook Group will alert you to when one is available) and applying. These can be anything from a product test, an online focus group, or a telephone or face to face interview. They pay out a lot more than your regular surveys, and worth applying for when they pop up.


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