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Survey site money is ‘free’ money? Really?

We all moan about survey and GPT sites at one point or another, and someone invariably pops up to say “Well, I suppose we can’t complain, it’s free money after all”. 

Well I’m sorry, I disagree.

If I spend 20 minutes completing a survey – it’s NOT free money.

If I have to subscribe to a trial and schedule a reminder to cancel, then remember to cancel – it’s NOT free money.

If I’m doing surveys instead of playing with my kids – it’s NOT free money.

If I’m setting my alarm early to make sure I complete my Swagbucks to do list before 8am – it’s NOT free money.

If I’m using resources such as my laptop and electricity to run passive earning opportunities such as videos – it’s NOT free money.

If I’m buying extra devices, no matter how cheap, to earn more – it’s NOT free money.

Remember people, your time has a value. Whether you’re in a minimum wage job, a stay at home mum, on benefits, part time, full time or in a well paid career, your time has a value.

I get that the money from the survey sites is a little extra and nice for treats and saving for Xmas, or even essential to pay the bills and buy things for the kids. But even if you’re doing surveys in front of the TV on a night, that’s YOUR time, and your time has a value.

Survey and GPT sites are a great way to earn extra cash for your household, but no matter how many times you say it, it’s NOT free money 🙂

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