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6 ways to motivate your referrals to earn money (for them and for you!) – Part One


I’ve spoken before about how having just a few well earning referrals on the GPT sites you use, you can increase your monthly earnings dramatically.

Swagbucks, for example, gives you 10% of referrals’ earnings for life, as well as a 300SB bonus if they earn 300SB in their first calendar month (they get 300SB too so it’s worth motivating them).

InstaGC gives you 10 extra points per referral, plus again, 10% of their earnings for life. 

Other sites either give a sign up bonus, ongoing earnings, or both!

Think about it – if you earn £50 a month and ten of your referrals earn £50 a month each, you’ve doubled your monthly total without having to complete a million extra surveys or offers – what’s not to like about that? 

We’ve talked about how to go about getting referrals – how to write an ad, how to respond in forums without it sounding like an ad, places you can post or reply to people with your offer and we even have a Member Referral Page offer designed purely to help you to get more referrals without spamming all of your links everywhere.

But one thing that EVERYONE who has referrals (and I include myself in that) struggles with, is how to actually motivate them to earn, and to continue earning. I have pages of referrals on Swagbucks that have signed up and done nothing, yet the ones that I take the time to help, go on to earn well. 

So let’s look at:

6 ways to motivate your referrals (Part One)

I’ve split the ways that work for me into 6 main sections, which I’ll cover over three blog posts – pick and choose what will work for you:


1. Set up a referrals group

This works well if your referrals know each other, or don’t mind being in a group with people they don’t know. Ways to do this include:

  • A Facebook Group
  • A Messenger chat
  • A What’s App group
  • A Snapchat group

Whichever way you do it, a group is a great way to let your referrals know when you find a good survey, an easy discovery, let them know when promo codes are out, and also a fantastic way for you all to encourage each other and share what works for you all. Yes, it’s a little extra work, but it pays off.

Of course, you could just chat with them all individually via Messenger or What’s App, but that soon become a LOT of extra work if you are lucky enough to get a lot of referrals. 

This way you only have to send / post messages once, not multiple times and everyone will see them.

2. Invite them to the GPT Genies Facebook Page

Yes, I know I have a vested interest, but most of our members credit being in the GPT Genies group for helping them stay focused and increase their earnings, as well as being motivated when ‘just not feeling like it’.

Make sure you point them to the:

This serves a few purposes – it gives them a sense of community and support, ensures that they see questions from other people that they may not have thought of asking and (perhaps most importantly!) means that you’re not fielding a million questions from each of your referrals that take up you time and take you away from your own earnings.

So that’s 1 and 2 of the 6 strategies I’ll share with you – 3 and 4 will be along tomorrow so make sure you check in to find how else you can motivate your referrals!

Thoughts or comments? Comment below or come and chat in the Facebook group

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