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Earn more SB with Swagbucks Watch and Roku TV!

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed a new category on the ‘Watch’ section of Swagbucks today – Watch+.

Clicking on this gives you a whole new way to earn Swagbucks – with Roku TV!

This could be a great way to earn extra SB via your TV or a separate device if you have one spare.

How do I get Roku TV?

To get Roku TV, you need to have a Roku streaming player – you can pick these up from Amazon from £24.99.

Simply plug it in t your TV and you can get hundreds of free channels, as well as subscribing to others.

How do I make Swagbucks work with Roku TV?

In order to make Swagbucks Watch work with Roku TV, you need to navigate to a specific channel and input a code, which you get from the Swagbucks site here.

Simply choose your channel from the list:

Click on your channel and make a note of the exact channel Swagbucks want you to navigate to, and a note of the code:

Add your VIP code to the top left corner of the Roku channel, start streaming and look out for the SB in your account!

How many SB will I earn?

Unfortunately at the moment we’re not sure – this literally went live this morning and none of your admin have had a chance to try it out, but if anyone can give us a definitive answer, we’ll update this blog post accordingly.

So, if you’re not on Swagbucks, this is another great reason to join – click the image below to sign up. Then, if you don’t have a Roku streaming device – nip over to Amazon and see which one you like. Plug in, get your code and start earning!

Is the Swagbucks Watch and Roku TV streaming partnership a hit with you? Come and tell us in the Facebook group!

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