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More points for HideoutTV from Keep Rewarding!

GPT site Keep Rewarding has announced that they are increasing points for HideoutTV and SmoresTV to 0.8 per cycle. This might not sound much when most other sites are giving 0.7 points per ad cycle, but as we all know, every little helps!

Read on to find out where to find it, how it works and how it compares to activities on other sites.

Where do I find Hideout TV?

Once you have logged in to Keep Rewarding, click on the Earn Points option, and Hideout TV is towards the bottom of your options:

How do I earn on HideoutTV?

Simply click on the ‘HideoutTV and choose a channel!’ HideoutTV / Smores TV will launch and videos will start running:


How much will I earn?

Currently Reward Video is giving 1.6 points per 6 adverts (not videos), although this could change at any time.

How do I claim my rewards?

You need to have a HideoutTv account, which is simple to sign up for, and link it to your Keep Rewarding account.

Then simply click on ‘Rewards’ to claim, then click ‘start the redeem process’, choose your Keep Rewarding account from the drop down list and claim your points. You can claim up to 5 times a day.

So is it worth it?

On a brief look, yes I think it is. Just leaving it to run is something you can do in front of the TV or while doing other things. You’re not going to get disqualified halfway through, or timed out because you forgot to go back to it.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re not going to make millions from it, and Hideout points aren’t the same as Keep Rewarding points (my 54 points got me 4.5 KR points) but as a quick and easy way to get some extra points when you don’t want to do survey after survey, it’s worth letting it run on a laptop or spare device (there’s also an Android app available).

Of course, there are always going to be higher paying surveys and offers on any of the GPT sites you use, but this is certainly worth adding to your routine as another little step towards that cashout.

Not on Keep Rewarding? Join me here.

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