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New Daily Promo Codes With HideoutTV!


HideoutTV have announced that their daily promo code scheme is now live.

Access HideoutTV, watch at least one video, and you will see a filled-in one use promo code on the Watch page under Rewards. Click add and the points will be added to your account. Available once a day, up to 9 points a day.

What is Hideout TV?

HideoutTV also allows you to earn rewards from your favorite sites, games, and apps by linking your viewing activity to a rewards partner like Swagbucks and InstaGC.

You need to have a HideoutTV account, which is simple to sign up for. Don’t have one you can sign up for one here and link it to the reward site of your choice.

To start earning, just choose a channel and videos will run automatically. You get rewarded per advert, and amount varies depending on the site you are cashing out to.

Redeeming points is easy, simply click on ‘Rewards’ to claim, then click ‘start the redeem process’, choose what account you want to link to from the drop down list and claim your points. You can claim up to 5 times a day.



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