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Cashback Sites Comparison – Quidco, TopCashback, Shopmium, Kidstart, GreenJinn and CheckoutSmart

Enjoy shopping? You will enjoy it even more when you save and earn money by using cashback sites.

How does it work?

Some cashback sites pay you a cash reward when you click through from them to buy goods or services, from mobile phones to car insurance and bank accounts to broadband. 

Other sites save you money like coupons, except you receive your discount as money back after your purchase.

Each site works roughly the same, and some sites even have bonus ways of making money with games and competitions.


Sign up for free with their basic membership, or there is a Premium Membership option which costs £5 a month. Login and search for the online retailer you want to buy from. If it’s listed, click the cashback site’s link to visit that company which will track your visit. If you buy something, an amount is put into your cashback site account once the transaction’s processed, which you can withdraw to either Paypal or your bank, or get a bonus by withdrawing your cashback in the form of gift cards from Amazon, Argos, Debenhams, M&S and many more. Often they will run promotions where you can play games for the chance to win extra money. An example of the games can be found here.

Quidco Clicksnap

Download the app and search retailers for existing offers. Buy the product in-store at a participating supermarket and upload an image of your receipt. As soon as your purchase is confirmed your cashback will be paid into your Quidco account. 

Where you can get cashback: All the main supermarkets

Pros: Instant Payout

Cons: Not as many offers as other cashback apps



Quidco’s biggest rival, and it works exactly the same. There is a basic free membership, or a Plus Membership for £5 a month to choose from.  At the time of writing there are better cashback offers with TopCashback but it is always worth checking both sites.

TopCashback Snap and Save

Download the app and search retailers for existing offers. Buy the product in-store at a participating supermarket and upload an image of your receipt. As soon as your purchase is confirmed your cashback will be paid into your TopCashback account. You can then withdraw it to your designated bank or PayPal, or get a  bonus by exchanging your cashback for gift cards from Amazon, Gap, M&S and more.


Where you can get cashback: All the main supermarkets

Pros: £0.01

Cons: Not as many offers as other cahsback apps



Available to download on both iOS and Android. The app will show you any of the participating stores near you and the products that you can redeem cashback for. After you buy the groceries that correspond with the offers, you’ll have to scan the items that you want to redeem and then take a picture of your receipt to upload on the app. Once your purchase has been approved you will receive payment automatically within 24 hours.


Where you can get cashback: All the main supermarkets, and the odd offer at Whole Foods, M&S Simply Food and others.

Pros: Automatic payments, referral credit, free gift when joining

Cons: A lot of odd products, can be easy to accidentally purchase the wrong product.



The difference between KidStart and other cashback sites is that KidStart aims to get you saving for your kids.  This means that, in order for you to get paid, you have to add a child to your account. It doesn’t have to be your child, you can save for a grandchild or a friend’s child, or even a future child. You can read more about Kidstart here


Where you can get cashback: Thousands of retailers including Amazon and John Lewis

Pros: Massive amount of retailers not offered elsewhere 

Cons: Payment takes months



GreenJinn is available to download on both iOS and Android. Open the GreenJinn app and register your details. Personalise your coupons by going to Preferences and choose the categories you’re interested in. On the main Coupons page, tap the icon for the supermarket you’re visiting and add coupons to your cart. After purchasing the items, tap cart and then the camera icon to upload a picture of your receipt. Transfer your cashback to PayPal or your bank account when your balance reaches £1.50 or more.


Where you can get cashback: Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose

Pros: Cash out from £1.50, includes a lot of healthier items 

Cons: Limited shops




Register to use CheckoutSmart by downloading the app, or signing up at Open the app to check available offers for the shop you’re going to – tap the funnel icon on the app to filter. After purchasing the items, tap Claim and select the offers you have on your receipt. Upload your receipt and submit for verification. You’ll receive cashback in your CheckoutSmart account, which you can transfer to PayPal or your bank account.

Where you can get cashback: All the main supermarkets, their online shops, Ocado, smaller stores such as OneStop, Budgens, Iceland, Netto, and others (though promotions are limited at these).

Pros: Best for freebies, wide list of supermarkets, includes online grocery shops and includes some of the smaller retailers.

Cons: Cash out from £20 (no fee), £19.99 or under have a 5% fee

Making Sure Your Payment Tracks

One of the biggest complaints people often make, is that their purchase didn’t track, when using sites like Quidco or TopCashback. To be paid your cashback, there must be a clear ‘cookie trail’ which shows it was the cashback website that led you to the retailer’s website. 

If you’ve already browsed an online retailer’s website and then decide to take advantage of a cashback promotion for this site, we advise that you first delete your cookies. Further details can be found here



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