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Earn £30 a month with Swagbucks with very little effort

Please note – this is an old blog post. Swagbucks no longer offer the video apps, so any video app earning opportunities mentioned below are no longer viable. Please visit the GPT Genies Facebook group for any questions or updates on video apps.


The reason why Swagbucks is the site suggested to start with first is because it is incredibly easy to begin starting to earn from. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to put into the site. Read on to see how you can earn £30 a month with very little effort on Swagbucks. 

The table above details what you need to do to earn a minimum  £30 a month from Swagbucks. Most of what is in the table should be able to be completed within 10 minutes a day.

The items in blue:

The items in blue are able to be completed easily every day. Start by answering the daily poll. This will only get you 1SB a day, but add this up over a year and that is 365SB just for answering a poll question.


Playing games will get you 10SB a day. They can be found here. Sounds hard, but we have some helpful tips that will help you to complete them with no effort at all. You can read more about the Swagbucks games here. Please note that games are only available on PC, not mobile.

Video Apps(30 or 34SB plus potential bonus rounds)


Swagbucks has 6 Videoapps available to download on iPhone, 7 on Android. Each app will get you 4SB a day(10SB with the Swagbucks app), sometimes there are bonus rounds. Just set them running and check them throughout the day to make sure they are still playing, and once they have stopped crediting start the next app running. Playing all of the apps will get you 30SB a day (34SB on android). This is lot quicker to do if you happen to have a spare device to run the apps on, rather than using your mobile phone. Read more about the Swagbucks video apps here, and there are some helpful tips on how to best use the video apps here.


Search wins(2 x 5SB average potentially more)

Search wins are another easy way to get some extra SB. You can usually get 3 search wins a day, one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. I use the links in the posts here to help me get a search win. The amount of SB you get for a search win can vary, but on average it is 5SB a search win, so that is another 15SB a day.

Flight Searches(4SB)

There are several discovers that you can complete on Swagbucks, but at the moment the easiest is the flight searches on OfferToro wall. All you have to do is attempt a flight search, and click through on a result to a partnering site. There are usually 4 to 6 available a day for 1SB each. You will need to clear cookies/cache after each one. There are more discover offers mentioned in our posts here.

Swagcodes are usually available once a day for 2/3SB. They are usually released on their Facebook Page but we also post them in the Facebook Group.

Completing everything above should take you just 10 minutes and you will have 61SB(57 on iPhone). All you need to do now is complete one 50SB survey and you will have reached your daily goal.


Surveys are available on the gold surveys page. They can be hit and miss, and you might find you get disqualified from a lot, especially in the beginning, but you still usually get 1SB each time you disqualify from a survey, and these points do add up so it is always worth trying. With gold surveys, which can be found by clicking on Answer in the menu, you can get 5SB disqualifies in total. Peanut labs surveys, which can be found under Discover and on the Peanut Labs wall, have no max limit to how many disqualify points you can get a day.

I usually manage to complete at least one survey a day, at an average of 50SB a survey (although I regularly complete surveys that are worth a lot more). Some days you will be luckier than others, and the more effort you put in and the more surveys you complete, the more you will earn. Keep a look out for Instant Surveys. They appear on the home screen and are only a couple of questions, but you have to be quick as they go fast. We also post them in our Facebook Group in this thread here.


Bonus SB:

One of the great things about Swagbucks is the various ways they offer ways for you to earn a bonus. By completing your daily to do list mentioned above you can get a 10SB bonus on average. Achieve your daily goal every day and you will get a daily goal bonus which on average equals 8SB. If you manage to reach your daily goal every day of the month (which if you complete all of the little tasks above you should be able to achieve your daily goal every day) you will get an extra 300SB monthly master bonus.

Swagbucks also run several games every month including Swago, where you can earn 300SB, and Shopping Swago (easier than normal Swago but only worth 50SB). Read our post all about the various Bonus opportunities available with Swagbucks totaling over 1000SB a month.


As you can see, by completing a few simple things every day, you can easily get £30 a month with Swagbucks with very little effort. Of course, there are lots more earning opportunities available, and I manage to cash out £100 a month on average from Swagbucks alone. Please note you will need a PC(desktop or laptop) and a mobile or tablet available to complete all of the above tasks.

If you haven’t signed up to Swagbucks yet you can do so here. Also make sure to join our Facebook Group for more tips and advice on how to earn with the site.

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