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Facebook Quick Tip – Group Chats for immediate alerts

In order to help you make the most out of our Facebook group, we have started some group chats.  The majority of these chats are to help you get alerts for time sensitive earning opportunities such as codes or surveys.  

Guidelines for the chats

We have two types of chats for our group. 

The first is a general chat for anything group related.  You can share what you’ve done that day, ask questions, or even moan about what’s going wrong.  We encourage you to continue to use the group as well as the chat for all these topics.  

The second type of chat is for alerts only.  This means that only items that are time sensitive should be posted there.

Things that should be posted in the ALERT chats:

Please post these in the group ALSO.

  • Codes
  • Survey opportunities
  • Easy or well paying discovers that have credited*  

*If posting a discover please include all relevant information such as where to find it (the wall it is on will be shown on your ledger even if you found it on the front page), whether it is laptop/mobile only, etc.  This is to reduce the incidence of people asking questions that clog up the alert chats.  Questions should go in the general chat or the group.

Things that should NOT be posted in the ALERT chats:

Please post these in the group and/or general chat INSTEAD.

  • Search wins
  • Video watches
  • Questions
  • Thanks, thumbs up, etc.**
  • Commentary on earning opportunities (i.e. if you don’t have that opportunity etc.)
Things that should NOT be posted in any of the chats:

Please post these in the group INSTEAD.

  • Referral links and/or site recommendations

** Thanks and thumbs up clog the chat.  If you hold down on a message in the app or hover over it on desktop, you will be able to REACT to the message.  Please do this instead of typing your thanks.

Please note:

You can also reply to messages by holding down or swiping them.  This is useful especially in the general chat so people are clear which message you are responding to.

To tag someone in the chat (e.g. if asking them a question) type @ and then their name. 

Joining a group chat

To join a group chat, click on the chats button in the group.

In the mobile app this button can be found below the header.

On the website this button can be found in the menu bar on the left hand side of the group.


Customising notifications

You can customise the notifications of each chat so that they suit you.

  1. You can mute the chat completely.  This means you will not get any notifications from the chat at all.
  2. In the iPhone messenger app or on the desktop website you can ALSO choose whether to get notifications when you are tagged or if someone reacts to your comment.  The Android app does not seem to have these options.

Let us know if you are finding the chats useful and if there are any other chat topics you would find useful.


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