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Get a 5% bonus on surveys from Prize Rebel!

Prize Rebel are treating us for the next day or so to a 5% bonus on surveys taken on the site!

That might not sound like much, but as we all know, with GPT sites, every little adds up!

To get the bonus you need to register for it – then take any surveys that are available to you to get a 5% bonus on each one!

Not on Prize Rebel yet? Click the image below to join.


Think about how many surveys you can complete in a couple of hours, and the bonuses involved – it really could make a difference to your earnings this month so is well worth a try.

The bonus is available until 7.59am June 2ndt so you don’t have long!

Bonus points are not added as you go along, they are accumulated and added at the end of the bonus period, so no panicking if you don’t see them right away!

Alongside Your Surveys, Prize Rebel also have surveys from, Tap Research, SaySo Rewards and more, so if you’re not a member, it’s definitely one to add to your GPT arsenal now, especially with the 5% bonus! Click the image below to join!


Enjoy the extra points, and come and tell us in the GPT Genies Facebook group how many extra points you made with Prize Rebel!

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