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Get an extra 100SB bonus with the Swagbucks Member Recognition Programme!

Swagbucks launched their Member Recognition Programme not long ago which offers exclusive benefits for each level.  They have now announced an extra little something for those who are at the beginning of their swagbucks journey, Pearl, Opal, and Onyx Members.

When you complete your To-Do List for 3 Days between June 5th and 11:59 pm PT on June 9th (10th June at 8am BST) you’ll receive an 100 SB Bonus!


If you’re not familiar with the To-Do List, here’s everything you need to know.

Your To-Do List is a daily checklist of items to complete on Swagbucks. You can find your To-Do List on your Swagbucks Homepage and it looks like this:

Here’s how your daily To-Do List works:

  1. Answer the Daily Poll: In order to check off this item you need to earn 1 SB from answering the Daily Poll
  2. Daily Search: There are two ways to check off this item. Either earn SB from using Swagbucks Search or simply click on Daily Search from the To-Do List.
  3. Deal Of the Day: Simply click on the Deal Of The Day from the To-Do list to check off this item.
  4. Daily Activity: A login through the SwagButton or Swagbucks Mobile App will check off this item.
  5. Daily Discover: Earning at least 1 SB from Discover will check off this item.
  6. Daily Watch: Earning at least 1 SB from Watch or nCrave will check off this item.
  7. Attempt a Gold Survey. Earning at least 1 SB from any Gold Survey on Desktop or Mobile will check off this item.
  8. Complete A Gold Survey: Earning SB by successfully completing a Gold Survey on Desktop or Mobile will check off this item.

Complete 6 out of 8 items to receive your First To-Do List Bonus. This bonus averages 2 SB per day. Complete all 8 items on your To-Do List to receive an even bigger bonus! That’s a possibility of two bonuses every day!

For those of you not currently in the Member Recognition Program, you can register here! It’s completely FREE and you get exclusive bonuses at each level.

If you’re already a part of the Member Recognition Program but not in levels 1-3. Don’t worry… We’ll have exclusive promotions coming your way shortly!


Are you enjoying the new extras from the Swagbucks Member Recognition Programme? Come and tell us in the Facebook group!

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