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GPT Genies Swagbucks search links posts – all you need to know

For the past couple of years here at GPT Genies, starting over in the Facebook group and then here on our website, we’ve posted what we call ‘search link posts’ to help make it easier for you to get search wins on Swagbucks.

However, it seems that our references to ‘search link posts’ confuse some people, so here’s all you need to know about how to find them, how to use them and why we started them in the first place, as well as the answers to other questions we regularly get.

What are search link posts?

Simply, they are the posts on our website that contain links to pre formatted Swagbucks search links, so that rather than having to visit Swagbucks and type in a search, you can just click one of our links instead.

Where do I find the search link posts?

They are all collated in our Swagbucks Search Links category, with the most recent post showing first. Bookmark this section and you’ll always have easy access to the links.

What are the two different types of search link posts and how do I use them?

In the main we have 2 different types of search link posts – the ‘Collector’s Bills’ posts and the ‘multi-link’ posts.

Collector’s Bills posts are talking about either current or older campaigns that Swagbucks have run. Within these posts there is usually one search link – clicking on ‘search the web’ takes you to a pre-formatted Swagbucks search link. This is an example of a Collector’s Bills post.

You can see the link highlighted below:


Multi link posts are posts we have written about various events – these contain multiple links within one blog post and are a quick and easy way to do multiple searches until you get a win. Sometimes to find these you will need to scroll past the Collector’s Bills posts, depending on the time of year and the events that are happening. A good example of a multi link post is Jen’s Christmas Jokes post which has 10 easy clickable search links.

Didn’t get a search win with the first set of links you tried? Go back and try again on a different search link post!

Are your links ‘magic’ links?

No, and to answer other questions related to this,none of the GPT Genies work for Swagbucks, there are no keyword or phrases that will guarantee a win and we don’t have a magic formula for getting a search win.

The simple fact is that the more you search, the more likely you are to get a search win. All we do is make the searching a little easier.

Am I guaranteed to get a search win from your search link posts?

No, no-one can guarantee that. However, as stated above, the more you search, the more likely you are to get a win. The chances are that unless you have had a search win in the last 2-3 hours, clicking a few of our links will more than likely get you a search win.

Do Swagbucks allow people to provide search links?

Swagbucks themselves provide pre-formatted search links with as much of a likelihood of getting a search win as GPT Genies search links, so there is no reason for them to object.

In addition, Swagbucks make money from their search partner, so there shouldn’t be (and hasn’t been) any issue with using our links.

Any other advice?

Just common sense really – don’t search too quickly or you’ll get a warning, click on a search result occasionally so your searching pattern doesn’t look suspicious, and if you’ve had a search win in the last couple of hours, don’t waste your time; leave it another hour or so before trying again. (I tend to search first thing around 8am, then after lunch, then in the evening and then just before 8am the following day. This way I can usually get 3 search wins a day, occasionally 4.

Still unsure about something or want to let us know about a search win from one of our posts? Come and let us know in the GPT Genies Facebook group!


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