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Increase Your Earnings Challenge- Day Eight Easy Earning Apps

We have looked into the big earners so far in the challenge. Time to look at some of the simpler, easy earning apps available.

Whilst the apps mentioned below are not big earners, they are incredibly easy to use and take little to no effort. Definitely ones to add to your list of survey sites and apps to earn from as all the little amounts do add up at the end of the month.


Enlightly has become my favourite easy earning app making me an extra £10 to £20 a month on average. The app is available to download on iOS, but if you are an android user you can use your phone browser(or desktop browser) and go to

Surveys are short and sweet and will appear automatically on the homescreen when they are available. Each question in a survey is worth £0.05p so even if you disqualify on the first question you will have still earned 5p. Surveys are usually 6 to 22 questions long. We have a thread in our Facebook Group where people post to alert when a survey is available so it is worth turning notifications on. 

You can cash out from £5, and one of the other great things about this site is you have the choice of either Bank Transfer or Paypal.

There is also a one time only bonus available on Enlightly worth £10. You get £2.50 bonus after answering your first 50 questions and £7.50 after answering 100, so worth signing up to even if it is just to get the £10 bonus.



VYPR is another easy app definitely worth downloading and is available on both iOS and Android. With this app you complete really simple (usually one to four question) surveys which they call steers. 

You get 2000 points when you download the app to start you off. You earn points for each steer you complete ranging from 10 to 50 points a steer. You can also do steers when inside a store and these are worth 100 points each. 

When you reach 10,000 VYPR points, you can redeem these points for £5, paid via PayPal. If you check the app regularly you should be able to achieve this every month or two. Read more about VYPR in our blog post here.

We also have a thread in our Facebook Group to alert users when new steers are as available.


CitizenMe, available on both iOS and Android, is a very slow earning, only making me an extra £3.00 a month on average. The surveys are incredibly easy to complete though. Most surveys are worth £0.10p each (sometimes more) and payment is instant to Paypal as soon as you complete the survey. There is no disqualifying from surveys on this site, which is a bonus. You can read more about CitizenMe here.

We also have a thread in our Facebook Group to alert when new surveys are available.

Easy Money

With just these three apps alone, you can get yourself an extra £15 to £30 a month. I tend to check them randomly throughout the day. When I wake up and go to bed, when I have a spare couple of minutes, lunch break, in front of the telly. They don’t require much effort so easy to complete any time anywhere.

What other easy earning apps do you use? Let us know in our Facebook Group.

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