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Increase Your Earnings Challenge- Day Five InstaGC Daily Routine

InstaGC is my favourite Get Paid To site, and the reason for that is there is so much to do on the site, and it is so easy to earn from.

Please note, there are some things that are only available prior to you reaching your first 500 points. That said there are still plenty of ways to earn, you can have a read here to see some tips on reaching your first 500 points.

Once you have reached 500 points, the earning potential is incredible. You can have a read here to see what new things are available. 

Having a good routine on this site means I am earning £80 to £150 a month, here’s how.

Start with Passive Earners

As soon as I wake up I start the mobile playlists running on a spare mobile device, and I open a new window up and set the desktop playlist running in a tab. The video playlists can be found under Earn-Watch Videos. You can read more about earning from videos here.

I then open a new window and set HideOut.TV running(making sure I am logged in), I usually start with the food channel and swap to another channel when it isn’t crediting any more.

Leaving those two windows running in the background I open another new window which is the window I use for completing surveys and other things on.

Survey Time 

Once all of the videos are running, as and when I have time throughout the day I attempt surveys.

I always check AdWall under the high paying surveys section first. These surveys are usually  routed from YourSurveys so I will check to see if there are any available over 70 points and will attempt them. 

Next, I will look under the main survey wall under Earn-Surveys (this is only available once you have reached 500 points). I will sort them in order of quickest and attempt any that are less than 10 minutes, or have a high point value. If I am short for time I might just attempt a few Tap Research surveys as this is a really quick way to increase your bonus percentage. You can read more about tap research here

I use the chat(available after 500 points) and ticker to see what other people are completing, and attempt those things myself too. This is particularly useful for YS surveys and F8 completions (I will discuss this in more detail later on in the challenge). 

YS surveys can be found under the Earn-Recommended-InstaGC wall. Some of these you can complete once a day, some you can complete every 30 mins. YS surveys are great for really boosting your points, and if you dq from one you usually get given another one to attempt.

Games Quizzes and Offers

In the evening I might look and see if there are any easy games quizzes or offers to complete. These can be found under various walls under Earn-Recommended. I will check the thread in the Facebook Group to see if there are any easy things other people have managed to complete.

Setting Targets

As InstaGC does not have a daily goal like Swagbucks, I find it helpful to create your own personal target. If you are new to the site I would advise setting yourself something small whilst you get used to the site, and what you manage to earn the best from. I have a personal target of 500 points. I usually manage to complete that with high pointed surveys like those on adwall, and a few extra YS surveys. Some days I am incredibly lucky with easy F8 surveys. Set yourself a target, and slowly increase it every couple of weeks, until you reach a target you are comfortable with.


Let us know in our Facebook Group what your favourite ways to earn are on InstaGC.

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