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Increase Your Earnings Challenge- Day Fourteen Prolific

So far in the challenge we have had a look at the big earning sites, alongside some smaller earning apps. Today we are going to focus on a site that is slightly different to the other sites mentioned so far.
Prolific Academic was set up for University students who need to complete research for their studies.
Studies are usually very different to other survey sites. It is only surveys, or studies as they are called on Prolific. They range in topic, amount of time it takes and payout varies as well.

Getting Started

If you want to take studies, you need to sign up as a PARTICIPANT. Make sure to select that you want to take part in studies from the drop down box on the registration page.
Fill in your information and Register.



The home page is where surveys will appear(or click on the Studies tab in the menu). When there is a survey available it will appear on the screen, no need to search for studies or refresh the page. You will need to check in regularly though as most researchers only require a certain number of participants and available surveys can go quickly.
Or download Prolific Assistant(read further about this below) a Chrome extension which will alert you when surveys are available.
When a survey is available click on it and reserve your place. You will have 10 mins to then read the instructions and make sure it is something to complete. You will want to copy your Prolific ID and then start survey.
You will be limited on time as to how long you have to complete the survey so make note of this time and make sure you have submitted before you have submitted before the time runs out. At the end of the study you should be provided with a link to take you back to the studies page, or a code which you can enter to say you have succesfully completed the study.


This is where you will find all of the studies you have completed so far.

About You

These are your profile questions. You will need to fill all of them in in order to be sent surveys. It is also important to check the About You section from time to time as regularly they can add new profile questions that require answering. The questions are grouped into sections and you can see how many questions there are and how many you have answered. Click on one of the sections to answer the questions in that group.


Cashing Out

When you complete a survey on Prolific it will show as awaiting review and payments will show as pending. Once the researcher has reviewed and approved your submission the payment will then show in your balance.
If you click on the balance in the top right of the home screen this will take you to the payments section(or you can also finding it by clicking on the three lines or initials and going to the account section). Here you will see your pending and approved balance. You can only cash out once your balance is at £5 or more. At the moment there are two payment options, Paypal or Circle and for some people cash out to paypal is now instant. Please note that Circle is due to close soon so this option may not be available in the future.

Prolific Assistant

Prolific studies can fill up very quickly and it can feel like no matter how often you check in, you’re always just missing out.
The Prolific Assistant is a plug in to the Chrome browser that alerts you either by an audible signal, a desktop alert, or a counter on the plugin icon, when there is a study available. 
You can read more about it here and how to set it up to save you time from checking Prolific for studies constantly. Note that you do now need to have a tab open and you occasionally have to check you are still logged in because Prolific has a habit of logging you out. As long as you are logged in and you have a tab open(it does not have to be an active tab) then you should receive alerts.
If you have any other tips about Prolific not mentioned in this post, let us know over in our Facebook Group


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