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Increase Your Earnings Challenge- Day One Goals

June 2019 Challenge

Whether you are completely new to survey sites, or you have been using them a while and are stuck in a rut and lost all motivation. This month’s challenge aims to help get you earning £50 more than you usually earn with survey sites and apps.


One of the best things to get you motivated is having a goal to work towards. This is true for anything you are trying to accomplish, be that weight loss, earning money, completing a degree. Once you have a specific amount you are aiming for, your earning totals will get closer and closer to that goal, and this will be the motivation to keep you going. It is a bit like running a marathon. Quite a lot will believe it is not possible. You start off energised at the beginning, then after completing so many surveys and not feeling like you are getting anywhere you want to give up,  and then you see the finish line ahead of you and it spurs you on to keep going.



As this challenge is focusing on making you an extra £50 on what you would normally earn, take what you earned last month (or what you would earn on average in a typical month) and add £50 to it. This figure is your goal for the month. Write it down somewhere. It doesn’t matter if it is on your fridge, in a spreadsheet somewhere or in a diary but write it down. Having something you can refer to and keep track of how close you are to reaching that target is what will keep you motivated.

Last month I managed to earn £372.16, you can have a read here to see how I accomplished it. So, this month, my goal is to reach over £400.

In future months after the challenge, whether you are saving for Christmas, a family holiday, or a birthday, set yourself a goal to aim for and make it a specific amount.

Come and tell us in our Facebook Group what your goal for the month is, because the encouragement you will get from others will also help to motivate you.

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