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Increase Your Earnings Challenge- Day Seven Other Big Earners

So far in the challenge I have put a lot of focus into my two biggest earners, InstaGC and Swagbucks. If you are new to survey sites I would advise sticking to these two for the moment and keep getting used to these sites and how they work and the best ways to earn. 

If you are already very confident with InstaGC and Swagbucks, and have a good routine with those two then I recommend signing up to Branded Surveys and PrizeRebel  and adding them to your routine.


PrizeRebel is very similar to Swagbucks and InstaGC with surveys, offers and videos to complete. You can have a read of our Newbies Guide here

Where it is so similar to the other big earners, it is very easy to get your head around, so you should easily be able to add it to your routine. Whilst I don’t do as much on this site as the others, it is still a nice little earner every month to add the end of month total.

My main focus on this site is YS surveys, they are actually worth more on Prize Rebel than InstaGC, so once I have reached my goal on InstaGC I switch to PrizeRebel for YS surveys as I get more points for my time.

PrizeRebel also has a daily goal scheme for bonus points, similar to Swagbucks. Whilst I don’t put as much focus into reaching goal as I do on Swagbucks, I can usually reach it by completing just 2 YS surveys a day. By completing just 2 YS surveys a day on this site, you will earn an extra £40 a month

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys, whilst not as good as prior to its recent changes, is still a really easy site to earn £10 to £30 from a month (more if you put more effort than I do in).

You can have a read all about Branded Surveys here and more tips can be found here.

Please note that some of the things in this post are no longer true since the changes which you can read more about here. This post also explains more about the new dashboard design.

Branded has a daily poll survey worth 5 points which is worth completing every day. In the evenings I spend 10 minutes attempting surveys from the Biggest Bang For Your Buck section. Surveys vary in amount, but I regularly complete ones worth more than 100 points. If you disqualify from a survey, whilst you sometimes won’t receive any points, you regularly receive 2 to 5 points and these all add up. I aim to achieve 100 points a day, but I don’t put any more than 10 minutes effort in. Sometimes I manage more, sometimes I manage left but I never put more than 10 minutes effort in of an evening. This evening I managed 165 points.


If you already use either of these sites, let us know in our Facebook Group what your favourite ways to earn are and any other tips and advice.

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