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Increase Your Earnings Challenge- Day Six Surveys Everywhere

When trying to reach goal or targets on survey sites, often people will complain that they can’t complete surveys, or there are no surveys available for them. There are surveys everywhere though, probably in more places than you would consider looking. Today’s challenge is about looking at all the different places where you can attempt surveys.

Some tips before starting surveys

Make sure to answer all profile questions with the sites. You will probably find you dq a lot, especially if you are new to sites. In the beginning each site has to build up a profile about you. The more surveys you attempt, the more you will build up your profile, and the more likely you are to get a survey that pertains to you. 

Most surveys will dq you quite early on after a few demographic check questions. It is important to get into a habit of noting down survey numbers, point value of surveys, and taking screen shots when you get near the end. If you spend a lot of time completing a survey and get DQ right at the end, I would recommend ticketing the survey in the hopes that you might still be credited for it. This is done in various ways depending on which site you are using, so ask in the Facebook Group if you are not sure how to ticket a particular survey.

Try not to get too disheartened with disqualifying from surveys. Usually you get at least 1 point for disqualifying, and remember all of these small points do add up.


Main Surveys

Each of the big earning survey sites have their own survey walls. I will only be focusing on the two main survey sites InstaGC and Swagbucks, but most of what is written here pertains to all of the sites, and we will look at other sites in more detail later in this months challenge.


Swagbucks’ main surveys are called Gold Surveys. Sometimes they will appear on the homescreen, but they can also be found under the Answer section of the menu. Here you can easily see the amount of time the survey should take and how many points(SB) it is worth. I like to order mine by amount of time taken, and will generally only complete those that are less than 10 minutes or are a high point value.


Instant Surveys and Userzooms(UZ)

One of the special things about Swagbucks is their Instant Surveys. These appear on the home screen vary in amount(usually 5 to 30SB) and are incredibly quick and easy to complete. There is a thread in our Facebook Group where people will alert everyone when an Instant Survey is available.

You might also hear people talking about completing UserZoom surveys. These are also nice and easy surveys, sometimes they are specific to either desktop or laptop and appear under the Gold Surveys section of the Answer menu. A UserZoom survey will usually appear as a 20min survey worth 100 or 120SB. Whilst it says 20 mins, they usually take less than 5. 


The main survey wall becomes available on InstaGC once you have reached 500 points. You can find it by going to Earn-Surveys. Again, I tend to organise them Quickest first and attempt the quicker and higher pointed surveys.

If you haven’t reached 500 points on InstaGC, don’t worry there are still plenty of surveys available.

Under Earn-Recommended there is an InstaGC tab. Here you will find several Your Surveys, Live Sample Surveys and others. Some can be completed once a day, others multiple times a day and I highly recommend you attempt to complete at least one a day.

Offer Walls

Still not managed to complete a survey, and really struggling to reach your goal or target, there are several offer walls that also offer survey opportunities. On InstaGC you will find the offer walls under Earn-Recommended(or on the main homepage when you login). On Swagbucks they are Under the Discover menu tab and then under Recommended Partners.

Peanut Labs

Can be found on both InstaGC and Swagbucks. One of the nice things about this wall is you usually get 1 point for disqualifying so a great way to build up your points if you are trying to reach goal.


Located on InstaGC, is one of my favourites as there are usually nice high paying surveys, and are the same as YS so I always check here first when I login to InstaGC.


Avaialable on both InstaGC and Swagbucks. This is another wall I would recommend checking for high pointed surveys.

This wall is available on InstaGC, and another wall worth attempting a few surveys on if you are struggling.


Revenue Universe

This wall can be found on both Swagbucks and InstaGC. Swagbucks regularly have a Double SB offer on with Revenue Universe. When the offer is on this is the best time to check this wall out and attempt some surveys as the points can get really high.

Other Offer Walls

There are even surveys available on some of the other offer walls as well like Acorn. Have a look out for the offers that say Survey, and if you are really struggling then try attempting those.


If you have attempted all of the places mentioned above, and still can’t get a survey to credit, and still struggling to reach goal, there are plenty of other ways of earning other than surveys and we will discuss these later in the month.

Let us know in our Facebook Group where you manage to complete a survey today.

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