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Increase Your Earnings Challenge- Day Three Planning

You should have your goal for the month set now, and hopefully have a bit of motivation to get earning. Next, it is important to get a good routine in place. Those of you who have been in our Facebook Group for a while now, will know how much I go on about this all the time. Having a good routine is important to maximise your earnings because it will make you more efficient. It will allow you to prioritise activities, speed up processes because they will come more naturally allowing you more time to focus on other things.

Plan It Out

When setting up a routine, you need to take into consideration things like your work schedule, or if you have children when they are at home or have naps or have to be after school clubs. What days and times work best for you, and when are you readily available?

Some days you will have more free time than others, so will be able to accomplish more. There are so many different sites and apps to earn from and in a variety of different ways. So set out a list of all the apps you use at the moment, listing them from your biggest earners(as this is where you will want to focus your attention) to the smaller easier earners. Then, have a think about everything you can do with that site and app, and when would be a good time of day to look at it.


Where to begin

If you are new to survey sites and apps I would recommend on focusing on just one or two to begin with, and once you have a good routine going with those sites, then start adding in a couple more. One of the biggest mistakes I find new users making, is taking on too many sites right at the beginning in the hopes that will increase their earnings. Instead, they end up wasting a lot of time trying to get their head around each of the sites.

The two I recommended starting with are InstaGC and Swagbucks, so if you are not already a member of these then sign up now as the next two days of the challenge will be heavily focused on these sites.


My routine

Whilst everyone will have a different routine that suits their lifestyle, an example of my routine can be found here.

Over the next few days I will breaking some of the larger sites down to show you more of a step by step daily routine of each site.

Let us know in our Facebook Group what works well in your routine, or if you are struggling when it comes to creating a routine ask for advice.

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