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Increase Your Earnings Challenge- Day Twelve The Facebook Group

The Facebook Group is such a great way to help increase your earnings. From tips and advice, alerting others when surveys are up like instants, and sometimes just to vent when things aren’t working.
The Facebook Group is available to join by UK members only, but we also have a Page linked to the group which is accessible to anyone.
The focus today is looking out how you can make the most of the Facebook Group to increase your earnings as there are a lot of features you may not be aware of and are incredibly useful.


The first thing you will notice is the announcement section. This is where we will pin things of importance. The Group Rules, Recommended Sites and Apps, and Useful links can all be found here, as well as other news from the admin team. We are one of the few groups out there that not only allow, but also encourage you to share your referral links. We love learning about new ways of earning, and newer members may not be aware of sites that are out there, so share away. Please make sure that your referral post adheres to the rules though or else your post will not be approved.



After the announcements you will see the topic tags, this is a reasonably new feature and one not everyone might be aware of yet. Topic tags are great for when you are trying to find a particular post. Anyone can add a topic to their post or other people’s post. The admin team try and add topic tags to important posts to keep them organised. Use the topic tags when you are searching for general information.


If there is something you are looking for and you can’t find it under the topic tags, there is also a search function within the Facebook Group. Not many people might be aware of this as if you are using your phone it is hidden right at the top. We get a lot of posts coming into the group, which have always been posted about. Try getting into the habit of searching the group before making a new post, this might save you time waiting for people to reply to you with answers.



Official Threads

These can be found under the topic tag, official threads, and will show you all the threads we have for specific sites. These include the Prolific studies thread where people will post when new studies are available. Code threads where people will post when a site releases a swag code or point booster code, instant surveys, and easy offers to complete.

Have a look through and turn notifications on for the threads that are of interest to you. Please note our group is a no follow group, as these threads can be followed by 1000s of members, they don’t want to be alerted each time a new member starts following the thread. Instead, turn notifications on, this will then alert you every time someone comments on the thread, and you are less likely to miss out on things like surveys codes and offers. If you are unsure how to turn notifications on for a post have a read of this post here which will explain.

What do you use the Facebook Group for? What is your favourite feature?

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