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Increase Your Earnings Challenge- Day Twenty Four Figure Eight

We have spoken about surveys, games and offers, but one of my biggest ways of earnings on survey sites like InstaGC is through Figure Eight. 

What is Figure 8?

Figure 8  is an offer wall available on InstaGC and other sites. On Figure 8 you will find a collection of  tasks that pay a set amount per completion.

These tasks include things like analysing search terms, transcribing audio, collecting data from websites, and more.

The tasks can be frustrating and sometimes seem impossible but, with some practice and patience, Figure 8 can become a fantastic way of building your points. It took me a long time to get the hang of it, and gave up several times until this year, and it has now become one of my favourite ways of earning. We have a group chat set up in our Facebook Group which will alert you as to when tasks that are easier to complete are available.

Getting Started:

You can find Figure 8 on the recommended page on InstaGC, or under tasks (hidden away on the side bar on the Gold Surveys page) on Swagbucks. You can also find it on other GPT sites, and the same task can be worth different amounts on various sites, so it is worth checking around to see where is best.

When you click on Figure 8, you will see a task list of available jobs. You will need to log in to Figure 8 each time you access the site.  The log in screen will come up once you click on a task.

You can sort the columns on the task page to find the tasks you want to try.  I will usually sort by Job Title or Pay, especially if I am looking for a particular task.



Read the instructions, and really read them!

The first page on almost all tasks, especially those available to lower levels, is a quiz mode where you will need to hit a specified accuracy percentage. If you fail this quiz mode you will be expelled and you do not get a second chance.

The instructions can be vague, contradictory, and confusing but they are your best shot at passing the quiz mode.

I read them through twice and consult the examples (if there are any) regularly.  Sometimes test questions are even given in the completed examples and they will often pick test questions related to specific points raised in the instructions.

Tasks with a quiz mode will also have at least one test question on each page of tasks so keep focused if it is a tricky job.

Figure 8 - Test mode & instructions



When you first sign up you are at base level.  From there you can move up (and back down) to Levels 1, 2 and 3.

To do this you need to meet accuracy percentage requirements and complete a set amount of different jobs.

Figure 8 - Dashboard levels requirements

To reach Level 3, you need to have an average of 85% accuracy from all the work you have done. Often the best jobs with the highest pay out are in the higher levels, so, despite it being hard work getting there, it’s really worth putting the effort in.

N.B. Some tasks are not included in your universal accuracy calculation.  You can see if they are included by looking at your Job History page. Find a task that is included in which you can keep a good accuracy percentage and, when you have a bit of spare time, do a block of these to improve your overall score.

Your Dashboard page tells you your overall accuracy score, the level you are at, and what you need to do in order to go up to the next level.


Which Tasks Are Best?

Keep an eye out for the best tasks as they go very quickly.

If you are trying to rank up from base level “Transcribe the audio” is probably the most popular task. 

On InstaGC, watch the ticker and see what tasks other people are completing, then check to see if it is available for you.

We have an F8 chat group in our Facebook Group where people will post what tasks they have managed to complete. You can join the chat group here.

Also, there are often low paid tasks that have an added bonus incentive attached. These can be the best earners on Figure 8 and they are hidden away so go hunting for them.

Sometimes the titles states “Bonus available” in it and the name begins with square brackets, sometimes it only states this in the instructions. This bonus is paid out after the author processes your completed work so can be a week or even a month wait.


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