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Increase Your Earnings Challenge- Day Twenty Two Focus Groups And Panels

Focus Groups and Panels are a fantastic way of really boosting your income every month.


Panels will get you on average an extra $5-$10(usually paid via Paypal) a month each and are usually run by CSpace. Some panels will just enter you into a sweepstakes every month with an opportunity to win something like a £10 voucher. So make sure to check the payments of the panel before deciding to join. They are ongoing every month and just involve a little activity  like answering a poll or short survey or commenting in a discussion. You will usually receive an email when a new activity is available so once you have joined a panel keep a look out in your inbox, or log in once a week to see if there is any new activities available.
I am a member of 4 panels including a beauty one, a Hasbro gaming one, a Kinder community and one about oral hygiene.

Focus Groups

Focus Groups are one offs, and usually last about 30 minutes to an hour, but the pay is a lot higher ranging from £20 to £100(possibly more) and is usually paid in the form of a giftcard. They can be group discussions, one to one interviews and can be online, over the phone or in person. AngelFish, UserTribe, Respondent, GFK and People For Research are all well known companies offering higher paid Focus Groups.

Where To Find Them

So where can you find these panels and focus groups? 
Panels usually appear as part of surveys from the normal sites. I regularly see them coming up in Your Surveys and Live Samples (found on InstaGC and many of the other bigger survey sites). At the end of the survey, if you qualify, you get asked if you would like to join a panel. 
Focus Groups can be found in surveys, is a big name to look out for I have completed a couple of these in the past and they are always well paid. Quite often they come up as sponsored ads on Facebook. 
We have a thread in our Facebook Group dedicated to Focus Groups, where people will post opportunities available so it is worth taking a look and turning notifications on for this thread 
Where is the best place you know of for finding Focus Groups or panels to join? Let us know in our Facebook Group


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