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Increase Your Earnings Challenge- Day Two Motivation

Yesterday we discussed setting goals, and you should have a clear figure in mind that you are aiming to achieve at the end of the month. Today we are going to try to start getting motivated to achieve that goal.

Questions To Ask Yourself

You might be completely new to Get Paid To sites (survey sites). What made you look into it, did a friend tell you about it, a Google search? Perhaps, you have been doing survey sites for a while now and have lost all motivation. Think back to when you first started, what made you want to give it a try?

For most people, the answer to these questions will be for some sort of financial gain. Maybe you had to have time off work, and were looking for ways to earn money from home. Maybe you were saving up towards a holiday, or a specific Christmas present and wanted to make some extra cash. Today’s focus is to remind yourself why you have an interest in this.

If you are new, and haven’t really gotten into survey sites yet, why are you interested? What are you hoping to achieve? What encouraged you to click on the link to this blog post?

Focus On Previous Success

If you have been doing the sites for a while, but lost all motivation recently, think back to when you first joined and remind yourself as to why you started. What success have you had so far since you started. Have you paid off bills, paid for a holiday, bought Christmas presents? Think back to a particular month when you earned the most, and how you managed to achieve it. Really focus on all of the successes you have had so far, to help motivate yourself again.

I started survey sites a couple of years ago after having my youngest. Childcare costs were too expensive for it to be worth me going back to work, but I wanted to be able to make some extra money from home. I also wanted to have something for me that I could busy myself with when the kids were napping and in the evenings. After a while, I realised that it was the money that I earned from survey sites that was paying for Christmas, birthdays and even family holidays. We weren’t having to rely solely on my husbands’ salary or credit cards. I was contributing, and this has been my motivation to keep going with it.

Pop into our Facebook Group and let us know what is motivating you to get started, what you are hoping to achieve. If you have had any successes in the past let everyone know to help inspire others.

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